Lillehammer Turistsenter Budget Hotel

Lillehammer Turistsenter

744 NOK


3.6/5 Pros

  • Good value for money
  • Beautiful scenery Cons

  • Severe WiFi issues

Finally, going to Lillehammer for the Tennis Davis Cup Norway vs. India felt just too tempting – and so I added a night to my initial plans of a three night stay. As prolonging the original Clarion Collection Hotel booking would have lead to a significantly higher price, I went for an additional stay (and thus give you another hotel review from my trip). For a one night stay before the three night booking, I took quite a contrasting alternative: the Turistsenter Lillehammer is a combination of a camping ground, some cabins – and a hotel. Felt like an interesting experience, so that I had to give it a try. The review focuses on the hotel part, I cannot judge on their camping or cabin services.


Lillehammer Turistsenter – Location

Lillehammer Turistsenter is located North of the city center, close to the E6 motorway. The location is rather quiet and has a nice views of Lake Mjosa. Hotel guest park in front of the guesthouse at a major parking lot. In general, I would recommend to have a car if you sleep at this place.

There are some services next to the closest exit of the E6 motorway, for example a gas station and a Burger King. The reception of the hotel is just open for some hours in the morning and some hours in the evening (at least during my visit). If you arrive out of service times, you receive the key code for the reception and grab the key from its desk.

Lillehammer Turistsenter – Room

The one night stay from Wednesday to Thursday in September 2022, excluding breakfast, was 744 NOK, roughly 70 EUR. I had to prepay the room at reservation, free cancellation was only possible up to one month before arrival. You have to state that this price is extremely competitive compared to other hotels in the area. My room was in the corner of the ground floor. The room was just as I expected – clean, cozy… and even a bit of larger than I expected. I also liked the view on the camping ground.

The bathroom was compact, but absolutely did its job. Like the whole room, the bathroom was clean. Basic amenities were provided, as well as towels.

Lillehammer Turistsenter – Breakfast

The hotel did offer a breakfast option for 150 NOK. I don’t know how that works in practice, as I neither went for it (I felt it is rather pricey) nor saw guests going for it. Instead, the also offered some items like freshly baked (industry-made) bread rolls, pastries and other items like juices, which they serve in their shop at the reception. The small set of breakfast items was 45 NOK, which I felt to be a really nice value for money (and still gave me the option to grab some more food at a supermarket).

Lillehammer Turistsenter – Service

The staff at the Turistsenter was lovely. They were really very helpful and gave a lot of advice. The reception is just having very limited hours, though – which I personally don’t like that much. There is no issue if you arrive out of hours – they sent you the key code to the main door key by text message on the day of arrival anyway and put keys or other necessary items on the reception desk. You could also use the lobby for hanging out, even when the reception was not serviced. Unfortunately, the WiFi in the Turistsenter was a mess and I had a lot of connection issues.

In addition, hotel / guesthouse guests had the opportunity to use a kitchen on the upper floor of the building. Depending on your travel preferences, this may be very handy.

Lillehammer Turistsenter – My View

The Turistsenter gave me a nice first night in the former Olympic host city. The room was rather basic – but the value for money was not bad at all and the scenery was a beauty. The internet issues, though, were really bothering and unnecessary. and Norway

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