Walking Along Castle Ruin Hohensyburg (Dortmund – Pictured Story)

The Hohensyburg castle is located at a height of 245 meters above sea level in Southern Dortmund in Germany. While the castle has been given up around the year 1700, it is still nowadays a very popular recreation area. One key reason are the iconic ruins and buildings, but there are also an amazing view over the River Ruhr, the artificial Hengsteysee reservoir and the landscape around. In this Pictured Story, I take you to this beautiful place in the Ruhrgebiet Region.


Castle Hohensyburg Ruins – Location & Transport

The Hohensyburg is located in the very South of Dortmund. Before we visited the castle ruins, we had a night at the Road Stop Motel Dortmund, which is quite iconic. The easiest way to get there is by car. Before 13:00hrs, you can use the parking lot of the Hohensyburg Casino, which is just a some ten minutes walk away from the castle ruins. There is also a bus stop, Syburg, connecting to a few local bus lines.

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The castle ruins and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial are in public space, you can visit them without restrictions for free. The Vincketurm (see below) is opening nowadays from daily between April and October and Sunday only in the summer months from 10:00 til dawn. The tower was closed during our visit. Adult admission for the tower is 2 EUR.


Castle Hohensyburg Ruins – Services

Apart from the parking provided by the casino, you may use the casino for dining during opening times (likely, kids are not allowed). Near the tower, there are typically some snack services. The plateau also features a mini golf place.


Views of the Castle Hohensyburg Ruins Area

Already when you step on the hill, you have the first amazing view of the area (you are majorly looking Southbound, towards the city of Hagen and surroundings). We first headed to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal (Emperor Wilhelm Memorial). The memorial has been built from 1893 to 1902 and is thus much more modern than the castle ruins. The height of the tower is 34 meters, so that the whole structure is very impressive.



The Vincketurm (“Vincke Tower”) is located on the very highest point of the area and has a height of 26 meters. During opening times, you can still climb up the stairs to a total level of 24 meters above grounds (by stairs). Reviews say that the view from up there is amazing. The tower is named after Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Philipp von Vincke (1774 – 1844), some sort of governor of the Prussian province of Westphalia.


Hohensyburg Ruins

Despite the castle has been left so many centuries ago, the castle ruins are still very impressive. You can still reconcile some basic structures of the building. Nowadays, the castle ruins also host a War Memorial, honoring WW1 and WW2 soldiers of the area.


Some more Views

Even though we did not really have a clear view day during our visit, the pictures below tell a lot about the beauty of the area. I guess it is even much better in fall or on a very sunny day. There are some signs to help the visitor to get around and identify the different places.



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