Singapore Sports Museum



3.2/5 Pros

  • Lovely location in the sports district
  • A lot of exhibitions on Olympics and Junior Olympic Games
  • Free Shimano Cycling World next door Cons

  • A bit of compact
  • Rare Winter Games exhibits
  • Overall, not too much of a thrill

The 2010 Youth Olympic Games boosted the focus on Singapore as a sports nation. The small nation is producing world class athletes in select sports like Badminton. There is a significant Paralympic community as well. Thus, I was very interested in visiting the Singapore Sports Museum after I finished my walk on the footprint of the former Singapore Kallang Airport.

Singapore Sports Museum – Location & Admission

The Singapore Sports Museum is located in the Singapore Sports Hub, right next to the National Stadium. The most easy access is by metro, it is just a short walk from the Stadium station. Apart from other sports facilities, the area also hosts a shopping center. From the (New) National Stadium, you can also easily reach the historic Kallang Airport facilities.

Adult admission to the museum is 10 SGD, roughly 6 Euro. Local residents enter for free. The opening times are very convenient: during the week, the museum is open from 10.00 to 20:00 hrs. On Saturdays and Sundays, the museum closes at 21:00.


Singapore Sports Museum – Hall of Fame & Sports Legends

You start your visit of the Singapore Sports Museum with the “Hall of Fame”, a large wall of legends of Singapore sports. There are quite some athletes who made it big in their sports, regarding that Singapore is a comparably small country.

Thereafter, traditional and large Singapore sports clubs are honored, before there are numerous displays on different sports, their Singaporean athletes and a lot of stories and memorabilia. At the end of the alley, there are also special showcases for events like the Asian Games. Of course, there is also some space for Singapore Soccer.


Singapore Sports Museum – Youth Olympic Games

The biggest and most important sports event hosted in Singapore so far were undoubtedly the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Thus, this event (and the Olympic Games in general) take a huge proportion of the Exhibition. There are a lot of items from that event in exhibit, from souvenirs to original medals and sports gear used during the competition. There are also a lot of statements by participants. The same area also informs about the Olympic Games in general and introduces all host cities and events. Having said that, the museum focuses on the Summer Games – there is just a minor display on the Winter Games. Singapore Sports Museum also features a nice selection of Olympic Torches.


Singapore Sports Museum – Other Exhibitions

In the rear part of the museum, there is a quite large exhibition about the Old National Stadium. There are a lot of items, from pictures and memorabilia to old technical controls. You may also sit on old stadium benches and see the old turnstiles.

There are also smaller displays on other sports topics. Three examples are in the pictures below. I liked that the museum also topics the negative sides of sports – the panels below deal with Match Fixing and Doping.


Shimano Cycling World

Not part of the Sports Museum, but next door, is the Shimano Cycling World, which is a mixture of a library about cycling topics, a cycling exhibition and, of course, advertisement for the world famous (Japanese) cycling brand. The entrance is free, so it might be worth to have a short look into this place as well.


Singapore Sports Museum – My View

The Singapore Sports Museum is quite compact and highly concentrated on the Olympic Games. I had an enjoyable time there – however, the visit is quite short. If you are around in the area and are interested in sports, you should consider having a glimpse into this nicely driven place. on Sports Museums

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