Lounge ANA Lisbon (LIS)

Lounge ANA Lisbon (LIS)



3.8/5 Pros

  • Really nice, large lounge design with different areas
  • Friendly staff
  • Good drink offerings Cons

  • Still too crowded
  • Lack of power outlets
  • Limited food offers

On a business class trip with Finnair from Lissabon (LIS) to Helsinki (HEL), I had the opportunity to check out a lounge I haven’t visited before. ANA sounds like one of the major Japanese airlines, but is the name of the Portuguese aviation authority. Here is my lounge review of Lounge ANA at the Portuguese capital.


Lounge ANA Lisbon (LIS) – Location & Access

Similar to the TAP Lounge there, you access the Lounge ANA via the same long escalator, which leads you from the main square of the main terminal to lounge level. It is easy to find.

While the TAP Lounge obviously majorly serves Star Alliance airlines, you could more or less sum up the access to Lounge ANA to “all other airlines” operating from Lisbon Airport (LIS). The picture below illustrates the long list of supported airlines, which pack their frequent travelers and premium cabin flyers there. In addition, the lounge, which is opening 6:00 to 22:00 daily, is accepting typical lounge access programs like PriorityPass. This also means that the lounge is typically really packed, they also enforce a strict 3.5 hour before boarding rule. When I left the lounge, people were lining up outside to get it.


Lounge ANA Lisbon (LIS) – Atmosphere

Once you are in, the atmosphere in the lounge is really nice. The design is modern and it features a wide range of different seating opportunities. Finally, you need to pick what is available – but if you get one of the cozy seats with a runway view, you likely went for the big deal. Unfortunately, there is a major lack of power outlets in the lounge, so that I jumped from a bistro-alike seat near the buffet to a place which was offering electric connection during my visit. Smokers also find a smoker room.


Lounge ANA Lisbon (LIS) – Food & Drink

Food in the lounge is limited. They majorly offer cold dishes, there are a few hot options. The famous Pastel de Nata, which are so lovely in the peer TAP lounge, are limited and are available at the bar only. On the drinks’ side, there are limited options on the alcoholic side, but they for example serve a nice selection of juices.


Lounge ANA Lissabon (LIS) – Services

There are showers in the lounge, which work for an additional fee. The WiFi in the lounge worked well and the bathrooms were nice as well. The staff was very friendly during my visit, despite the stress they had in the packed place.


Lounge ANA Lisbon (LIS) – My View

It feels like the capital airport of Portugal just has too few lounges. Lounge ANA is rather large, but it is suffering from the lack of alternatives as well. That’s such a shame, as the Lounge ANA, which is driven with a lot of love, really has some potential for a really nice spot. I liked the drink offering, the food side could improve, though.


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