Hotel Maranello Village

Hotel Maranello Village

77.40 EUR


4.1/5 Pros

  • Cool concept and branding
  • Very nice staff
  • Early warning about air conditioning defect
  • Good access / parking Cons

  • WiFi issues
  • Room too small

When staying in Ferrari City Maranello, would there be any better option than staying in a Ferrari-themed hotel? When I have been in the Emilia-Romagna region in summer 2021, I chose the Hotel Maranello Village for my overnight. Here are my thoughts about the hotel.


Hotel Maranello Village – Location

The Hotel Maranello Village is located in the borough Pozza, East of the center of Maranello (and thus, East of most Ferrari operations. There is a bus stop nearby (Casa Panini), but in fact, I expect the vast majority of visitors to arrive by car. The hotel offers a lot of parking lot as well as a garage.

From a touristic perspective, there is not too much to mention in close proximity of the hotel, apart from the facilities driven by Maranello Village itself. Modena and Maranello hold major parts of necessary services.


Hotel Maranello Village – Atmosphere / Concept

Maranello Village is really Ferrari- and racing-branded. The hotel does have a collaboration with the sports car company. Thus, most of the exhibits are originals, but not owned but the hotel. In fact, Ferrari lent them to the place for display. The exhibits are located at the reception house, which also features the breakfast area and the hotel bar. The same building has a self-service restaurant, which was closed during my stay.

As said above, the main building only features dining, drinking and administrative functions. The rooms of the hotel are located in separate houses, which have the nice names SuzukaDaytonaMonza and Le Mans (where I stayed in). The houses are painted in Ferrari red as well (at least on the front sides) and have large racing pictures on the walls. The area is very well signed, so that you definitely won’t get lost.

Even the houses themselves are branded. Le Mans, for example, had a lot of pictures on the walls and carpets stating different Ferrari models.


Hotel Maranello Village – The Room

I had a one night stay in June 2021 in Hotel Maranello Village. The flexible rate, including breakfast, for a single stay in a deluxe double room was 77.40 EUR. The first thing which was a bit of confusing that there are were two door key sensors for two doors which were opposite to each other in a tiny hallway. The room was surprisingly compact. Unfortunately, the air conditioning failed. As the hotel warned me about that (see below), it does not reduce my rating. You had just sufficient space in the living room for doing what you need. I would have loved to have more space for my suitcase as well as a larger work desk area. On the other hand, the design with the racing car on the wall (you know the brand already…) was really cool.

Especially compared to the very compact living area, the bath (with shower and bidet) felt really spacious. They also had red-printed amenities. I liked that you had sufficient space for your toiletries.

I did struggle with some switches and power plugs – but that seems to be a typical Italian issue for me. The hotel had called me a couple of days before my stay and offered me to cancel my reservation as they had air conditioning issues. I loved that kind of honesty and customer relation management so that I finally decided to not to alter my plans and sleep at the Maranello Village.


Hotel Maranello Village – Breakfast / Food

Breakfast was a buffet, which was serviced by hotel staff. I liked the breakfast room and the selection of items they had. Sometimes, communication with the breakfast people was a bit of difficult in English, but they were super-friendly. Overall, I had a good start of the day.

On the evening of arrival, I aimed to grab a pizza at the self-service restaurant – but in contrast to the in-room information, the place was closed. Thus, I opted for the posh option at the Maranello Village, the Paddock. The restaurant is beautiful and features some more racing souvenirs. They did not offer the tryout menu (which I always feel to be an excellent choice) for a single person, so that I chose my dishes from the menu. My food, some home-made pumpkin-filled pasta, a lovely steak and tiramisu house style, was absolutely amazing and a great value for money.

Below, you also see the bar / cafe area. It is located close to the reception desk.


Hotel Maranello Village – Services

The staff was amazing. I had a very friendly, longer chat with the receptionist, also about the concept of the hotel and all the items at reception area. The lobby also featured a small Ferrari fan shop. The WiFi was overall reasonable, but had some breakdowns here and there, which has been very bothering.


Hotel Maranello Village – My View

I was so curious about this place – and they definitely did a very good job. I absolutely enjoyed the red branding of the hotel and the concept of the four houses. On the downside, the rooms were too small and there were WiFi issue. I would not recommend my room as a double occupancy, for example. But overall, Maranello Village is definitely memorable in a positive sense. The value for money is absolutely fine.


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