H+ Hotel Köln Brühl

H+Hotel Köln Brühl

76.95 EUR


4.2/5 Pros

  • Very good breakfast
  • Kind staff Cons

  • WiFi issue
  • Not too charming parking garage
  • Room feels rather small

Even though Brühl right South of Cologne is just home of 45,000 inhabitant, there are mutiple major attractions in the city. Fans of history and architecture fancy the multiple castles within the city limits, action buffs go to one of Germany’s most famous theme parks, the Phantasialand. As I have been in the city in January 2022 anyway, I opted to have a night in the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl, which is one of the stays closest to the theme park, which is not driven by the park itself. After mixed thoughts about staying at their sister hotel in Germany’s North, H+ Hotel Lübeck, I was also curious about the performance of the brand.


H+ Hotel Köln Brühl – Location

The hotel is not in the heart of Brühl, but rather centrally located, South of the pedestrian area. Vice versa, it is located North of the Phantasialand (see my Wintertaum impressions). The amusement park is some 2.5 km away. Around the hotel, there are some discount supermarkets and basic restaurants.

If you arrive by car, the hotel has quite a lot of capacity in regards of parking. In front of the hotel, there are quite some parking lots, while there is also a parking garage for a fee. I arrived very late and had to go for the garage, which I did not like too much. It felt rather run down during my visit. Regarding public transport, there are three bus lines operating close to the hotel.


H+ Hotel Köln Brühl – The Room

I booked a Comfort Double Room in January 2022, Tuesday to Wednesday. The flexible rate, including breakfast, was 76.95 EUR, which included a discount for their hotel membership. The room was given with an appropriate size of 22 square meters – but the room did not feel like that. The design was nice, but especially the hallways was very narrow. The design of the room itself, however, was nice. I appreciated the large working desk. On the negative side, the possibility to switch on an off the light from the bed was a bit of weird and very limited.

The shower bathroom felt very modern. Like the whole room, the bathroom felt really clean. I had a couple of issues with the toilet paper dispenser, though (the left hand side slot underneath the sink.


H+ Hotel Köln Brühl – Breakfast

The breakfast in the hotel was really good. The restaurant / breakfast room felt really spacious and the selection of items was very good – especially if you keep in mind that there were still some pandemic limitations during my visit. Especially in regards of bread and cold options, the breakfast buffet was a real treat.


H+ Hotel Köln Brühl – Services

The stay has still been under Covid-19 conditions, so that the hotel sauna and gym was closed. However, this was not clearly stated on the website. The staff in the hotel was really kind. Unfortunately, I had trouble with the WiFi connection. Despite it is provided by German Telekom, which is typically a very reliable provider, my connection broke multiple times.


H+ Hotel Köln Brühl – My View

The H+ Hotel Köln Brühl was very popular and well-booked during my stay. Not too surprisingly – first of all, there are not that many peers in the city of of Cologne and second, they simply do a really good job. Unfortunately, there were some issues like the garage and the WiFi breakdowns. Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend this place.


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