Road Stop Motel Dortmund

Road Stop Hotel Dortmund

119 EUR (excl. breakfast)


3.5/5 Pros

  • Very nicely designed room and hotel
  • Great restaurant
  • In-room whirlpool Cons

  • Room feels to small and has no proper table
  • WiFi issues
  • Limited breakfast / dirty spoons has a focus on country music, my community includes quite a bunch of US-American people and I love to review hotels… These are just three reasons which made me feel the Road Stop Motels in Western Germany are simply the perfect location for a hotel review: American-style dining and themed hotel room rooms feel like a perfect night. Thus, my wife and I had a look into one of their outlets, in Dortmund, in February 2022. Here is my review, which is of course concentrating on accommodation performance.


Road Stop Motel Dortmund – Location

The Dortmund outlet of the Road Stop Motels is located in Syburg, a Southern and rather posh part of the city in the Ruhrgebiet region. There is a bus connection to the hotel (Dortmund Syburg, served by buses 442 and 512), but you will likely arrive by car. There is one rather small parking lot in front of the restaurant and motel, which has already been packed at around 17 hrs on a Friday when we arrived there. Across the street, there is a major parking lot as well (which is public). It is nicely connected to the A1 motorway (exit 87 Hagen-Nord) and the B54 route.

Check-in is done at a counter in the restaurant during restaurant times, which is typically 15:00 to 22:00 hrs (23:00 hrs Friday and Saturday) at the time of writing. The area is quite popular as a recreational area. The most famous place around is the Hohensyburg Casino. Next to the Casino are the Hohensyburg castle ruins and the Hengsteysee, which is popular for a hike. There is also a golf course in very close proximity.


Road Stop Motel Dortmund – The Room

The motel just has six rooms. There is a variety of room options starting with a jail cell, a Harley Davidson campsite room, an Los Angeles Room or a New York Central Park Room. My wife and I went for a rather posh option and went for the Las Vegas Suite. The flex rate, excluding breakfast, was 119 Euro. You receive two door codes, one for the motel door and one for the room. There is a door from the restaurant to the motel area, which is not locked in both directions.

The rooms are on the first floor, so that you have to take the stairs up (no elevator). You first are in some sort of social room (see breakfast), from where you reach the different rooms. Even though the restaurant was crowded, the room is really well insulated against noise from there. You may hear people in the other rooms and especially the social area, though.

The Las Vegas Suite

We booked at the hotel directly. On and in the reservation confirmation by the motel, the room is named a suite, which it definitely hasn’t been. also gives a room size of 30 sqm, the room felt significantly smaller to me, though. The decoration of the room was really outstanding and they did nice to create the Las Vegas style, having a round bed, an (unfortunately not operating) slot machine over the sink and a lovely Jacuzzi in the room. The bed was not too large and not comparable to the one I for example had at the V Hotel Dubai. Space felt a bit limited, especially in regards of leaving your suitcases somewhere and to have some space for your toiletries.

There was a massive number of power sockets in the room, what I liked. More or less all major light was controlled by one switch. This also included a disco ball, which was somehow fun, but also bothering. What I absolutely disliked was that there was practically no table. The heart-shaped one you see on the picture below had at most a height of 40 cm. That’s something I feel is not suitable if you have a 120 Euro room, which is even naming itself to be a “suite”. The toilet room is huge, compared to the rest of the room. There has neither been a sink nor a dustbin in the toilet.


Road Stop Hotel Dortmund – Breakfast

The stay was in February 2022, i.e. almost two years after the initial Covid-19 restrictions were placed in Germany. Thus, I feel it is quite annoying that the restaurant is (still) stating that they serve “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”, which is simply wrong (there are no breakfast items in the menu they show online, though). Motel guests can received a “motel dinner”, which consists of a self service buffet in the social area with white toast and sealed bread, some spreads, coffee, tea and yogurts as well as a nice fruit bowl.


There was milk and mustard in the fridge, but we could not find out the rationale. The price was very fair, 5 Euro. However, we would have loved to have a cold drink like an orange juice. Furthermore, all the spoons we checked out were dirty – which is annoying during non-pandemic times, but much worse in the beginning of 2022. We also felt that there should have been at least more bread – we were finally almost running out of toast. Only two slots of the four-slice toaster were operating as well.


Road Stop Motel Dortmund – Restaurant / Dinner

As I said, the Road Stop Restaurant is extremely popular – and if you stay at one of their outlets, make sure you reserve a table in time. The design of the restaurant is really cool (I did most of the pictures on the morning at check out, as it was that crowded in the evening) and gives a cozy atmosphere. It felt a bit too densely packed during Covid, but that’s just the way things are currently in other places as well.

Starting from home-made lemonades and branded ice tea, the food we had was amazing. I really recommend to have a bite when you are around at their places. Especially Sarah’s burger with baked Camembert cheese in traditional bread slices was really good. The price was right as well – the total of our three course dinner was roughly 80 Euro.


Road Stop Motel Dortmund – Service

The staff at the hotel was very friendly. You should note, though, that there is nobody around apart from the cleaning staff when you check out. Thus, we could not claim bread or give feedback on the morning. The WiFi was reasonable. Especially around the bed, the reception of the signal was rather poor.


Road Stop Motel Dortmund – My View

Road Stop Motel Dortmund is one of these places which give me a tough time to find a precise rating. I loved the design of the hotel and the whole place, the staff was very kind, we enjoyed relaxing in the whirlpool after a long day and had amazing food. On the other hand, there was limited breakfast, the room did not feel like a suite and having no proper table is just not appropriate for that room price for me. The WiFi had issues as well, so that Road Stop Motel Dortmund cannot reach a good to very good review in my point of view.


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