State Hall (Prunksaal) of the Austrian National Library (Pictured Story)

I really loved having a prolonged weekend in Vienna in June 2024. There is such a nice variety of interesting places, great food and culture. The city also impressively well survived the two World Wars, so that the conservation of the Austrian capital is amazing. One of the places I visited is the State Hall of the Austrian National Library (or: Punksaal der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek). I take you there in my Pictured Story.


Austrian National Library State Hall – Location & Admission

The Austrian National Library is located in the Hofburg area in very Central Vienna. There are numerous other museums and sights around. The National Library also drives other museums. Vienna is having an excellent public transport system (even though it is here and there confusing to visitors). Bus 2A is stopping nearby at Albertinaplatz. The tram lines 1, 2, 71 and D connect to Oper, Karlsplatz. The closest underground stations are Stephansplatz (U1, U3) and Karlsplatz (U1, U4).

In summer (June to September, the State Hall is opening daily from 10:00 to 18:00. On Thursdays, times are prolonged to 21:00. In the remaining months, times are equivalent, but Mondays are closed. Adult tickets are 10.Euro. You can also buy a week ticket, which includes all museums driven by the Austrian National Library. The ticket including the Literature Museum, the Globe Museum, the Papyrus Museum and the Austrian House of History is 19 Euro. I used the Vienna Pass as admission.


Views of the Austrian National Library State Hall

The State Hall of the Austrian National Library is located in the second floor of the building. The staircase is picturesque, you can use an elevator instead. Thus, the sight is accessible. Once you pass through the door of the hall, you enter the overwhelming place. There are books on two levels practically on the walls of both sides of the long hallway. In general, it is still an active library for the scientific reasons. The hall is about 77 meters long, 14 meters wide and some 20 meters long. The dome in the middle of the room is about 30 meters high.

The room is full of frescoes, ornaments and sculptures. Not too surprisingly, the place is regarded to be one of the most beautiful libraries of the world. The room is in the state of the early 1730’s. It hosts some 200,000 books, dated as of 1501 to 1850. Some of the most special books are exhibited in showcases. There is also typically a special temporary exhibition. The one during my visit was about composer Anton Bruckner. In peak times, it may be bothering that the State Hall of the Austrian National Library is also a very popular spot for social media influencers. and Austria

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