Car Rental Review – Record Go (Palma (PMI)) – Hyundai i30

Record Go Palma Airport (PMI)

26.87 EUR per day


3.2/5 Pros

  • (In theory) very efficient concept
  • Car in very good condition
  • Extremely competitive rate Cons

  • Two hours waiting time for the car at rental
  • Automatic invoice did not work

When my wife and I went to Mallorca in late May 2021, we opted for a local provider for our car rental. Record Go is a Spanish company, which has quite a lot of capacity on the Balearic island and typically has very competitive pricing. As they also have a very interesting rental concept, I felt that taking a rent with them from Palma de Mallorca (PMI) airport would definitely be an option.


Record Go Palma – The Rental

We had a pre-paid, but refundable rate with RecordGo, from Monday to Friday afternoon, i.e. for four days. The pricing for that in May 2021 was amazing – the full cover rental was 107.47 EUR only, unlimited mileage, with a full-full fueling policy. The class we chose was a Ford Focus – we received a Hyundai i30, which has at least been a comparable model (maybe even a slight upgrade). The rate also qualitfied to the automated express service, see below.

One of the reasons why they are that competitive is that they try to have very short times between the end of the rental and the beginning of the following. Handing over the car too late is not allowed and major dirt in the car leads to quite high fees.


Record Go Palma – The Rental Office

In general, Record Go tries to provide very efficient processing of your rental. They have quite a large office directly at Palma Airport. At the rental car office, you typically do the car rental agreement legal stuff at one of their terminals. A client manager is only needed to verify your documents. Thereafter, you receive the contract by e-mail and you get the position of your car (on the screen and by mail). You also feel to sometimes get a code for a key safe, so that you can grab your car keys close to the car. At our rental, we received the keys at their parking lots of the company, located right opposite of the terminal building.


Record Go Palma – Receiving The Car

In general, Record Go has a relatable and sensible way to operate on relatively low rental fees. Unfortunately, during our meeting, multiple issues lead to the situation that it took about two hours to finally get the car: first of all, the AENA, the Spanish airport provider, had internet problems in Palma – which lead to the situation that the terminals were practically not working. In addition, some flights were delayed and comparably many people had bookings via rental car brokers, which obviously cannot be processed through the terminals anyway. The result: even though the staff did really their best, there were some 100 to 150 people waiting before before me when we wanted to grab the car. Luckily, they were able to stabilize the internet connection after some 90 minutes, so that the remaining procedure was rather smooth. The handover of keys in the garage went really smooth. The car has even been sealed at the driver’s door to demonstrate cleaning.


Record Go Palma – Returning The Car

After that much of a hassle at rental, returning the car was easy. The car was quickly checked out by Record Go staff, so that we left the return area after some five to ten minutes. The only issue has been that the automatic processing of the invoice somehow did not work (you had to leave a credit card deposit for the full gas volume at rental, but we returned full) – but we had the invoice the day thereafter after mailing the customer service.


The Car – Hyundai i30

The car, a Hyundai i30, was really in great condition at rental and just had 3,000 kms mileage when we received it. The car is quite ideal for Mallorca, it might already feel rather large for the partially slightly narrow roads on the interior of the island. Therefor, it was really-well powered and had a good air conditioning. Really enjoyed driving the car.

Only the condition of the car, not the branding itself and the level of fun to drive the car are part of my rating.


Record Go Palma – My View

Record Go come with a good concept and extremely competitive pricing. Other companies charge up to twice the fee for a comparable car. Our rental showed how vulnerable their process is. None of the issues we were facing felt to be in responsibility of the rental company – but, of course, waiting two hours for a rental car just cannot end up in a very good rating. Despite the at most average experience, I would very likely go for another Record Go rental in Palma or at one of their other locations.


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