Road Stop Motel Mettmann (Presidential Suite)

Road Stop Mettmann (Presidential Suite)

179 EUR (plus breakfast)


4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice topic
  • Good people
  • Whrilpool in Room Cons

  • No electricity at work desk

After staying at the Road Stop Motel in Dortmund, my wife and I were really curious about exploring another outlet of this small chain of Western German hotels. This time, we went to Mettmann, a city right Northeast of Dusseldorf. Again, we were looking forward to the North American / Western style accommodation with a nice touch of details. After some mixed emotions about our room in Dortmund, we went for the very posh option and reserved the Presidential Suite.


Road Stop Motel Mettmann – Location

Road Stop Motel Mettmann is located on the West side of the city, in a commercial area close to the National Route (Bundestrasse) 7. The area is not too thrilling for tourists, you may have a bite at a nearby McDonalds.

In regards of traffic, the hotel is very close to the A3 motorway / Autobahn. After exiting the motorway, you reach the hotel in less than five minutes. The parking lot is really large, majorly due to the volume of guests in the restaurant. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel, connecting you to Wuppertal.


Road Stop Motel Mettmann – Atmosphere

The area covered by the Road Stop Motel is really huge. The hotel rooms are in a separate building, so that it is rather quiet. Check-in is done in the restaurant. The hotel is trying to provide an US-American style traditional (and a bit of stereotype) accommodation. The rooms have doors facing to the parking lot (or the walkway on the upper floor). All rooms are dedicated to a certain topic.


Road Stop Motel Mettmann – Room

As said above, my wife and I went for the Presidential Suite. The refundable rate room price for one night was 179 EUR, plus 8.95 EUR per person for the breakfast buffet. The stay was in June 2022, we went there on Friday afternoon and checked out on Saturday. The room looked really nice and much more pleasing than the one we had in Dortmund. The most significant element of the room was obviously the nice “presidential style” work desk. However, the pool table and the in-room whirlpool were very nice as well.

Regarding being in a hotel room, the pool table was in nice shape. There was also a small fridge, some water was provided in addition to coffee/tea making facilities. Unfortunately, the work desk could hardly been used, as all the power outlets around did not work. I finally had to use some own chords using the connection of the large TV set. Unfortunately, when I stated this to the staff they explained that they were aware of it, but just did not manage to solve it.

We also liked the bathroom with additional shower facilities. Some basic amenities were provided as well. The cleaning of the room was very well done. We visited the place in summer so that we did miss air conditioning.


Road Stop Motel Mettmann – Breakfast / Food

The restaurant served as a breakfast room as well. As the place is huge, it was not only a great opportunity to take some snaps, but also felt really luxurious. The design of the restaurant is simply a beauty. No doubt, you absolutely feel that this franchise is driven with a lot of love. I would have loved to listen to more country music inside, though.

Breakfast has been a mixture of buffet style and made to order (eggs). The staff was really kind and it was a nice opportunity to see the huge place in an almost empty condition. I would not recommend the Road Stop for breakfast, but the value for money as absolutely fine and we loved the relaxed atmosphere.

We also went for dinner. I really like the food offered at the Road Stop. Unfortunately, some items we loved in Dortmund were not / not any more on the menu in Mettmann. Both places, Dortmund and Mettmann, have in common that they are extremely popular for dining among the locals, so that the restaurant felt really packed. We missed a few of the really creative and delicious dishes they served during our Dortmund visit – but overall, we absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere at an absolute fair price. The desert milk shakes are a lovely treaty, by the way.


Road Stop Motel Mettmann – Service

Even though the restaurant was obviously a bit low on staff, the guys were really professional and nice. Check-in and check-out went very smoothly and the WiFi was working well. The hotel does not offer any fancy sporting facilities like a gym or a pool.


Road Stop Motel Mettmann – My View

The night in Mettmann was definitely much better than the Dortmund one – even if you factor in the difference in price. Again, we loved the concept and the restaurant. The electricity thing at the work desk is painful, though – especially as the desk is one of the key elements of the room. Overall, the US President topic felt to be much better designed than the Las Vegas topic at our previous stay as well.


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