Parque Del Drago (Icod, Tenerife)

Parque Del Drago Icon Tenerife



4.0/5 Pros

  • Unobstructed view of "El Drago"
  • Very nicely done botanical garden
  • Watching lizards
  • Fair admission price Cons

  • Still feels like a rip-off if you just want to see the dragon tree

Drago Mileanario – apart from the Volcano Teide, the icon of Tenerife is likely the 800 year old giant dragon tree in the city of Icod de los Vinos. During our October 2019, we just could not stand to have a look at this biologic memorial and checked out whether visiting the park around called Parque Del Drago it is really worth it.


Parque Del Drago – Location & Admission

Icod de los Vinous is located in the Western part of the island. Our hotel, the Melia Hacienda del Conde in Buenavista, was about 20 minutes away by car. The city center is quite hilly and iconic, especially the area around the park. I recommend to use one of the parking garage around. You can see the Drago from outside, but the view from inside the park is much better.

Entrance to the park is 5 Euro. While that might feel like a rip off at first sight, the place is not too small and offers some nice view.


Parque Del Drago – The (Botanic) Garden

The park was designed by two professors of the University of La Laguna. The key area of some three hectares is covered with different species of plants. Some plants are endemic to the island, but there is for example also a garden of herbs and spices, where you can smell the different aromas.

On the upper part of the park, there is also a cave, which gives a bit of an illustration about the life (and burial cultures) if the Guanches, who are the native inhabitants of the islands.


Parque Del Drago – Animals

If you are more an animal lover than a plant one, you might love to watch animals around. First of all, a bunch of chicken are living in the park, mainly in the lower areas. Much more interesting to me, though, were the lizards. There are countless species around – some of them are really large.


Parque Del Drago – El Drago

Last, but not least, El Drago Millenario. While the park Parque Del Drago has been opened around 2000, the dragon tree is about 800 to 1000 years old. Precisely, it is Dracaena draco in Botanical language, which only exists on Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira and Western Morocco. In order to protect the plant, you cannot get really close to the tree, but it is sufficient to explore it and also to see its red resin referred to as “dragon’s blood”.


Parque Del Drago – Services

The park itself does not have any services other than sanitary ones. However, towards the exit, there are a lot of stores and also some cafes, where you can have a lovely relax and and also have some nice view of the tree. The stores sell a huge variety of items, also local produce.


Parque Del Drago – My View

I was not sure at all whether Parque Del Drago will be a good time or a tourist trip before we went there. Overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed being there. I felt the visit was very relaxing as there were not too many other visitors around. Exporing the majestic El Drago was just a very minor part of my visit. I absolutely liked the Botanical garden and also to spot all the lizards around. If you are just visiting Icod due to the good old tree and maybe don’t have too much time (we stayed in there some 90 minutes, also enjoying the sun), you might better opt for the brief look and then turn to your next destination. about Tenerife

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