Aegean Lounge Larnaca Airport (LCA)

Aegean Lounge Larnaca Airport



3.4/5 Pros

  • Friendly staff
  • Recent renovation leads to an upgrade Cons

  • Small space
  • Limited food

Before our Lufthansa Business Class flight back from Larnaca Airport (LCA) to Frankfurt (FRA), my wife and I had the opportunity to explore lounges at the key Cypriot Airport. We had the choice between the Aspire and the Aegean Lounge, which are practically next to each other. We finally opted for airline lounge driven by the Greek airlines (maybe to show some Star Alliance common sense? Just joking.). Here is my review.


Aegean Lounge Larnaca (LCA) – Location & Access

The lounges are located above the gate area. There is a dedicated walkway to the elevators after you passed the duty free store. The directions are also given in the remaining airside part of the airport.


Lounge access is granted to business class and gold status passengers of Aegean and other Star Alliance member airlines. As said, we flew on a Lufthansa Business Class ticket (both Star Alliance Gold members). I found very different information about the opening times of the lounge. Unfortunately, I cannot fully validate it – but my strong guess is that it depends on the flight schedule of the day. At the time of writing, Lufthansa states a daily opening from 3:00 to 20.15 hrs on their website.


Aegean Lounge Larnaca (LCA) – Atmosphere

The Aegean Lounge at Larnaca Airport (LCA) felt very familiar to me. The key reason is that part of the furniture looks as if Aegean had acquired it from Lufthansa. The reception desk is really nice. There is also a large panel for magazines – but Aegeaen is just providing one. Overall, the lounge is not overwhelmingly large and maybe offers temporary home for some 50 to 60 business travelers and other lost flying souls. This is maybe ten to fifteen seats too many – you feel a bit squeezed when there is a departure to Athens (ATH) or Thessaloniki (SKG) in parallel. Despite the limited size, they offer quite a range of different kinds of seating areas there – from rather cozy and relaxing configurations to work desks and bistro-style seating.


Aegean Lounge Larnaca (LCA) – Food & Drink

Due to the limited space, I would name the buffet at the Aegean Lounge Larnaca (LCA) rather a “food corner”. Regarding the limited space, the range of items offered is quite nice. There were no warm food items during our visit, though. However, Aegean is offering quite a nice range of spirits on the liquid side Overall, the buffet is reasonable regarding the size of the lounge.


Aegean Lounge Larnaca (LCA) – Services

The staff in the lounge was really kind. The refilling of items also went very well in the food buffet. The lounge also has nice own sanitary facilities, but no showers. The WiFi in the Aegean Lounge Larnaca (LCA) worked fine. Quite some seats did not come with power outlets, which might be bothering.


Aegean Lounge Larnaca (LCA) – My View

If you visit the lounge prior to an Aegean flight, this place might be really packed, which is bothering. After the flights have left, it was significantly more relaxed in there. Compared to old pictures I saw, the renovation of the lounge was really a great upgrade. Nonetheless, the limited space just allows you to care for the very basic needs of your business class and status customers in this place.


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