Eurowings Lounge Munich – The Low(est) Cost Lounge Experience?

Eurowings Lounge Munich



1.5/5 Pros

  • Still better at sitting at the gates
  • Somehow a straight interpretation of Eurowings concept Cons

  • No access control or security
  • No food or drinks apart from water
  • No access for Star Alliance Gold Customers

The reviews I found so far are quite clear: 9 out 9 users assigned a 1.0 to the Eurowings Lounge in Munich. After the Lufthansa low cost brand moved in Munich Airport from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, they could not use the Lufthansa faciltiies. If you fly Non-Schengen, you can now use the fancy World Lounge at the B-Gates. For the Schengen flights from A-Gates, Eurowings took over the the former Air Berlin “Exclusive Waiting Area” (“Exclusiver Wartebereich”) and branded it in their style and colors.


Eurowings Lounge Munich – Location and Admission

The Lounge is located at the very end of the A Gates. There are two sections, so you might have to walk a while to reach it. Due to the corporate coloring, it is however hard to miss it once you are around.

To be able to access the lounge, you either have to travel BizClass or to have any Miles & More status (Frequent Traveler is already sufficient). The access rules do not say anything about Star Alliance Gold customers, who fly in Eurowings codeshare. However, there is not any kind of access control at the lounge. During my visit of about one hour, I had one visit by a Eurowings employee, who did not check my boarding pass or status.


Eurowings Lounge Munich – The Lounge

In general, I like the design of the lounge. There are a lot of different seating configurations, from barstools at the window, a huge table which serves as a workdesk and work cabins towards the other end of the lounge. On the positive side, the lounge offers a lot of power plugs, which felt to be rare in the remaining terminal. There is also one flight status monitor.


Eurowings Lounge Munich – Food & More

The worst critics the lounge received is about food and drink. To make the story short: you have to buy everything. There are two coffee machines and a snack machine with quite a variety of food. The prices are airport level – no discount compared to the vendors around at the A Gates. The machines take credit card only. The only drink which is for free is water. There is no tea – I guess that teabags are just too easy to take away.

The airport provides free internet anyway, so that you can profit from that. The quality is really reliable. Another issue of the lounge, though, is that it does not feature a bathroom. To make things worse, the Munich sanitary architecture is really ugly in this area (not just for Lounge visitors), so that it is quite a walk to do your business before your flight.


Eurowings Lounge Munich – My View

I just don’t want to hold up the “Rubbish” sign in this review immediately. When I go into a lounge, I want to relax, have some quiet and privacy, grab a bite and drink something before the flight and have a desk on which I am able to work. And, of course, I want to go to the bathroom without packing my computer and other stuff and taking it with me. Does the Eurowings Lounge in Munich meet these targets? Most of them not. An automated boarding pass scan to control the people in and out would already add a bunch, free coffee and some very basic snacks would add a lot. With very little changes, Eurowings could do so much more and also show some appreciation to BizClass and frequent flyers. But still, it adds some little value to sitting around at the gate area to me. Thus, I slight go above it.

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