Plaza Premium Lounge (Schengen) Budapest Airport (BUD)

Plaza Premium Lounge (Schengen) Budapest Airport (BUD)



3.7/5 Pros

  • Nice atmosphere and very good staff
  • Rather nice selection of food and drinks Cons

  • Rather small
  • No toilets (and rather long walk to them)

One thing how you can easily proof that I am a nerd: one reason I was looking forward flying Finnair from Budapest (BUD) in October 2023 was that it gave me the opportunity to check out the local Plaza Premium lounge in the Schengen Gate area. Some of these lounges are really nice and I simply rather rarely make it into one. Here are my thoughts about the stay. Please note that Plaza Premium also runs a Non-Schengen lounge at the same airport.


Plaza Premium Lounge Schengen Budapest – Location & Access

The lounge is located on the upper level of Terminal 2A of Budapest Airport (BUD). There are several restaurants as well as other lounges in the area. You can conveniently reach the lounge by escalators from the main level. Compared to the peer lounges, this place is kind of hidden in a corner, though. Even far distanced gates should be reached from the lounge within ten minutes.

The lounge is opening daily from 7:00 to 20:00. It  is contracted to several airlines. As said, I used it one a Finnair flight to Helsinki (HEL). However, the lounge is listed for several other airlines, e.g. LOT or Iberia. In addition, they accept buy-ins (35 EUR / 3 hours) and several lounge passes.


Plaza Premium Lounge Schengen Budapest – Atmosphere

While Plaza Premium drives some really large places, the rather square-formed Budapest lounge is comparably small. I would estimate the capacity of the lounge at about 30. There are some barstool-alike workdesks with runway view on one side of the lounge. The remaining lounge features bistro / restaurant style seating. The setting, however, is really cozy and warm. I guess this place may be packed and uncomfortable in peak times, but during my visit, it was really fine.


Plaza Premium Lounge Schengen Budapest – Food & Drink

I visited the lounge at around 11:00, so that I was right in the transition of breakfast and lunch. They offered some soups, a few warm dishes (my vegetables were unfortunately rather cold…), but also some pastries, bread, sandwiches, salads and some desert. Apart from the temperature, I felt that the quality of food was really nice.

You can service your own with non-alcoholic beverages, while the lounge staff is offering you beer, spirits and Hungarian wine. I feel regarding the size of the lounge, the food offered is quite nice.


Plaza Premium Lounge Schengen Budapest – Services

The lounge was driven by one person, who was really friendly and felt to be very attentive. You could use the lounge WiFi as well as the free airport one. One negative point is that the lounge does not feature bathrooms – you have to visit one of the toilets outside the lounge. Especially for the men’s room, this is unfortunately quite a walk across the food court.


Plaza Premium Lounge Schengen Budapest – My View

The lounge is a small, nice place with almost enthusiastic staff. However, its size also turns it into a rather limited experience. Other Plaza Premium Lounges do offer better service, but this one in Hungary is at least charming.


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