Natural History and Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf

Natural History and Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf

10 EUR


4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice, illustrative museum
  • Well done for kids
  • Mammoth bones and model Cons

  • Narrow aisles

Siegsdorf between Rosenheim and Salzburg in Bavaria might be a rather typical spot for that region: a rather nice city, popular among tourists, close to the Alps. However, Siegsdorf turned into a special place when they found the skeleton of a mammoth in the area in 1975. That finally lead to installing a quite popular there, dealing with the geological and natural history of the area and the Earth in general. In full, the German name of the museum is Südostbayerisches Naturkunde- und Mammut-Museum Siegsdorf – South-East Bavarian Natural History and Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf. I had a visit there.


Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf – Location & Admission

The museum is located right in the heart of the city. Siegsdorf has two motorway exits (#111 Siegsdorf-West and #112 Traunstein / Siegsdorf) of the A8 motorway, Both are quite nicely located to the museum. In addition, the train station of Siegsdorf is a short walk away from the museum. There are parking lots around – the parking situation may be a bit of challenging during summer peak visiting days (majorly weekends during school holidays).

In the main season in summer (April to October), the museum is opening daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. The other months, the museum is closing at 15:30 hrs already. In December, there are a couple of weeks when the museum is closed. Most of the parking lots allow two hours of free parking, which should be very sufficient for a visit, even if you have to queue a bit. Adult admission is 10 Euro.


Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf – The Visit

During our visit, we started with a collection of minerals, which should also illustrates how stars and planets have been created. The Covid-19 measures in fall 2021 were very good, the museum was also quite strict in just running a certain capacity – which, of course, still means that some areas feel very crowded, while others were less popular.

The main part of the museum drives a really good exhibition about the history of the earth. One the one hand, it explains the evolution of life (human and animal development), but they also look into geology and for example explain different layers of the Earth. The museum is very illustrative and thus also suitable for kids. However, some sections just need a bit of a longer time – if you can avoid it, I would rather recommend to aim for a visit outside weekends for a relaxed time. Unfortunately, the signs are in German only.


When There Was Water…

A very nice part of the museum shows maritime life of the region. In prehistoric times, there was the Adelholzener Meer, a prehistoric sea. There are not only fossils, but also artificial models and an aquarium to give you an idea how differently this area has been shaped in the very past.



Okay, finally, you visit this place to see the mammoth. The big model they got set up in the center of a bit hall on the top of the museum is a replica, but you can see some original bones as well. You also learn about the evolution of the mammoth. A very interesting part of that section is also about the Eurasian cave lion, which also lived around Siegsdorf. Again, the museum is trying to have very illustrative displays which show how life in Southeast Bavaria has been in the times where the mammoth has lived.


Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf – Services

The museum also has a nice outdoor exhibition site, where they sometimes display historic life, e.g. in Stone Age times.

The staff was really helpful during our visit. At the reception desk, there is also a small souvenir area. During our visit, this was actually really crowded – plush mammoths were just too popular among the youth.


Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf – My View

I liked the South-East Bavarian Natural History and Mammoth Museum Siegsdorf. It is a great place for kids, as they can explore a lot of things. Unfortunately, the museum is narrow, some walking routes are even not ideal in non-pandemic times. I would not say that you have to do a detour on your holidays to get there – but if you are around anyway, this place will give you a good time.


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