The Bridge Between Europe and North America (Pictured Story)

What is the shortest flight time between Canada and the European Union? Can you walk from the USA to Russia? Is there a bridge between North America and Europe? While the first two questions are not in scope of this Pictured Story, we deal with the third one. Yes, there is really a bridge between these two continents. Reykjanes is well-known for the Eurasian plate touching the North American one. Iceland turned this place in a small somehow weird tourist attraction.  Here are some thoughts about the really short walk between the continents.


Bridge Between The Continents – Location

The weird place is located on the West Coast of Reykjanes, right at the 425 road. This route is partially a gravel road, but you definitely do not need to have a 4WD car there. The attraction is public and thus open 24 hours. The place is well signposted, the parking lot should have sufficient size at all times. Coming there by rental car is likely the best option (if you do not happen to be on a bus tour stopping at this iconic place).


Bridge Between The Continents – My Visit

You already see the bridge from the parking lot – it is just a very short walk from there to the in-fact place between Europe and North America. On your route and during your visit, there are numerous signs which explain you the geological aspects of that bridge, which you typically approach from the Eurasian side. The bridge itself is not too spectacular, it is a 15 meter metal construction with a canyon-like rupture in between – the area where the two continents are steadily drifting apart.

Apart from walking from one continent to the other on the bridge, you can also explore the canyon between the continental plates. It is all much more of an emotional and idealistic thing than really a breathtaking visit – but if you like that idea, it is also a nice way to explore the unique geothermal and volcanic area of the Reykjanes peninsula.



Just in Case You Want To Know…

I asked some questions in the introduction… Here are the answers:

  • The shortest flight between Canada and the European Union is less than 45 minutes. The islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon belong to France and the European Union are South of Newfoundland. The flight between the two capital airports is about 275 kms. The ferry route from Saint Pierre to the Canadian island is even significantly shorter (duration of trip: 1:30 hrs).
  • Yes, you could quite easily walk from the US to Russia or back. In fact, already the mainland distance between Russia and Alaska is not too far (55 miles), but there are two islands in the Bering Sea, Big Diomede (Russia) and Little Diomede (USA / Alaska). Their distance is just about 2.5 miles. In winter, the water between two two islands is ice practically certainly, so that you could go for this freezing walk. Pictured Stories

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