H+ Hotel Lübeck

H+ Hotel Lübeck

118 EUR


2.3/5 Pros

  • Great location and a beautiful building
  • Fantastic breakfast and nice reception staff Cons

  • Terrible (smaller than booked) room without work desk
  • No WiFi reception at that "working board"
  • House keeping in room at check-out day
  • Hotel was not able to solve issue with room in any way (incl. discount etc.)

For a trip in July 2021, I needed a night close to Lübeck Main Station in Northern Germany. The H+ Hotel was just perfect, as it is really just a few steps away from the station’s main gate. Apart from that, I did not have any stay at an H+ Hotel before, so that I have been really curious. Here is my review.


H+ Hotel Lübeck – Location

For my purpose, the location of the hotel was absolutely ideal. It is located in the same building as the main station, you just head a few steps to the right after exiting through the main entrance. There are some other hotels as well as restaurants located around the hotel. The station itself features a small super market. The Old Town of Lübeck is a ten minute walk away. The hotel is located in a historic building, which gives a very impressive first impression.

The hotel is perfectly located for a rail trip, but there are also some parking garages around. In addition, the central bus station of Lübeck is also in very short walking distance, so that you have ideal connections to the city and the region. After having a look into Lübeck Old Town (e.g. the Hansa Museum), I went to Lübeck Airport (LBC) to check out Lübeck Air – the train as well as the bus connection to the airport are in easy reach.


H+ Hotel Lübeck – The Room

I booked a Business Queen Room, which was 118 Euro including breakfast, but excluding a 10 Euro discount for enrolling to the H Hotels rewards program. The booking was in late July 2021.  I nominally received an “upgrade” to a Deluxe Queen, which I absolutely struggled with. The only upgrade I can see from the description on the hotel homepage is that the room was on the fourth floor (which not guaranteed, but possible for the Business Room). Compared to the 21 sqm of the Business Room, it just had a nominal size of 16 sqm and I would even challenge that size.

The room was located at the very end of the floor under the roof. The key struggle I had with the room is that I needed a place to work. A board put in the corner of the room, shared with the TV and divided by the buttress of the roof is definitely not a work desk, as it is named in the description. Furthermore, this version of the work desk did not feature any kind of light and while there was some WiFi reception in the room, this corner had no chance to connect to the internet. An absolute mess, which the hotel could not correct. Bad luck, as the room was not too bad, apart from its tiny size reminding of some low-cost London locations. The luggage rack (or whatever) behind the bed right at the wall felt a bit of ridiculous, though.

By far, the best about the room was the well-designed bathroom. I really liked its size, if felt very comfortable and showed that there is so much potential in this hotel. In contrast to the packed room, the bathroom even had quite a generous touch.


H+ Hotel Lübeck – Breakfast

As said, I somehow felt sad that my room was so terrible and completely spoiled my stay – as this place is so good in other hospitality disciplines. Their breakfast was great. The restaurant area is really beautiful and cozy – and the range as well as the presentation of the items was really very good. A lot of different kinds of breads, juices, cold cuts, cereals – the morning at the H+ Hotel Lübeck gave me a bright smile.


H+ Hotel Lübeck – Service

The staff was very friendly and very attentive. The hotel was booked out so that they could not transfer me to another room. However, there was no other option offered to me, e.g. additional reward points or a reduction of price. In public areas, the WiFi was very good. The hotel also offers a gym with sauna. Due to Covid-19 regulations at that time, I could not check out the facilities, though.

One thing I absolutely hated that at check-out day, housekeeping not even knocked on my door but even opened it. In the neighboring room, they even opened the door despite there was the “Do not disturb” badge on the door. The staff stated to the guest that some people tend to forget to take the badge away. This was at about 9:00 hrs in the morning. As I stated in My Hotel Checklist about failed hotel services, I absolutely cannot understand this in times of modern communication.


H+ Hotel Lübeck – My View

This is simply the kind of hotel review, which hurts. I feel the H+ Hotel Lübeck can be a really good place. I loved the architecture, the breakfast performance is fantastic, the staff was great. But I have to rate my stay. My room upgrade was terrible. A Business Room has to be made for working – and if you have to change the category, you have to make sure that you don’t hurt that thing. I don’t see any Deluxe feature about the room I had. No WiFi, nothing I can accept as a work desk. The room was an absolute fail. The house keeping issue killed the last chance to at least come to a somehow average review.


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