Best Western Raphael Hotel Altona (Hamburg)

Best Western Raphael Hotel Altona



4.0/5 Pros

  • Great location
  • Nice breakfast
  • Nice service Cons

  • WiFi issues
  • Not the most modern design

For Charles Esten’s show in Hamburg in May 2024, I needed a hotel in the Northern German city. I chose a hotel which I had not visited before, the Best Western Raphael Hotel Altona. The show was originally scheduled for the venue Die Fabrik, which would have been in walking distance. However, the location deemed to be very convenient.


Best Western Raphael – Location

Best Westen Raphael Hotel Altona is located at Präsident-Krahn-Strasse, a street right parallel to the tracks of Hamburg Altona train station. Thus, the walking distance from the station to the hotel is less than five minutes. The station also provides a lot of services like basic restaurants, some shops and grocery store. There are also a lot of other shops and restaurants in the area. In addition, there is a major Rewe grocery store behind the hotel.

The traffic connection for the hotel is almost ideal. Hamburg-Altona station does not only connect to national high speed rail (including destinations like Munich, Berlin or Cologne), but also regional services. There are also various bus connections from the bus terminal South of the station. The station is also currently still used as a terminus for car trains. If you arrive by car, the backyard of the hotel offers limited parking.


Best Western Raphael – Room

I reserved a standard single room including breakfast. As the rates in Hamburg were massive for that night, I opted going for a travel agency booking, so that the rate is not comparable.You cannot deny that the rather slim layout of the room lead to a rather compact feeling. However, I still liked the room. The layout with having the major work desk right behind the hotel door initially felt weird, but worked very nice. There were also some spots to store luggage and a range of power outlets. There were also light switches at the side of the bed, which might not not be the case in other hotels with similar layouts. The minibar fridge, which was loaded with a complimentary bottle of water, did not work – and I did not find any switch for it.

The bathroom is located at the end of the bed. It felt a bit old-fashioned. However, it had quite a lot of space. Only the small shower, which just had curtains and no doors or walls, was a bit of bothering. It was  also hardly possible to use it without water dripping out of the shower. I have to say, though, that it was less bad than I initially expected.


Best Western Raphael – Breakfast

Breakfast at the Best Western Raphael Hotel Altona is served in the building next to the hotel. You go down on ground level in the backyard and have a short walk through the parking lot. The breakfast area is a bit of winding with many small sections of a couple of tables. As the aisles, also around the buffet, are also not too wide, this is bothering here and there. However, the layout also lead to increased privacy. The hotel offers a nice range of dishes, including warm ones and vegan options. It might not feel overwhelmingly posh, but it is a nice start of the day, having a nice level of quality.


Best Western Raphael – Service

The staff in the hotel was very friendly and helpful. The check-in was very welcoming and efficient as well. The hotel is also running a sauna in the basement of the main building. However, I did have some struggle with the complimentary WiFi. Especially the upstream was rather lame. At least the connection had a high level of stability. Even though the hotel does feature an elevator, it is not barrier-free, as you have to take some stairs when you enter the hotel lobby.


Best Western Raphael – My View

The hotel comes with a great location and good services. Here and there, it is a bit of outdated and the WiFi connection could be better. Nonetheless, I was really pleased with my experience at the Best Western Raphael Hotel Altona.


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