Pokemon Center DX Tokyo (Pictured Story)

As one of the first posting emerging from my September and October 2023 to Tokyo, I already introduced you to the Pokemon Cafe in the heart of the city. Right next door to it is Pokemon Center DX Tokyo, one of the core Nintendo stores in the Japanese capital. I felt that many might be as curious as myself about this place before I visited it. Thus, I give you a view inside as part of my Pictured Story.


Pokemon Center DX Tokyo – Location & Transport

The Pokemon Center DX Tokyo is located in the East Building of the Nihombashi Takashimaya Shopping Center, in its fifth floor. It shares the entrance with the Pokemon Cafe. The easiest way to access it is from Nihombashi metro station, which is served by the Asakusa Line, the Ginza Line and the Tozai Line. Directions from the station to the building are given in the subway walk paths. Alternatively, you can walk from the East exits of Tokyo Main Station.

Pokemon Center DX Tokyo is opening daily from 10:30 to 21:00.


Views of Pokemon Center DX Tokyo

The entrance hallway of Pokemon Center DX as well as the Pokemon Cafe is already beautiful, with some nice Pokemon artwork on the wall. Next to the statue you see at the top of this posting, there are some showcases illustrating the history and development of the Pokemon video games and branding.

The store is full of merchandise. I would say that the majority of that are plush versions of Pokemon characters in different styles and sizes. The store also features some items which are exclusive to this. For example, there were some exclusive Pikachu plush figures in a certain costume. However, you find a lot of other items to spend your money including clothing and household items. Close to the registers, there are also some arcade machines, where you can battle friends or other customers. The prices have been more moderate than I expected. The exclusive Pikachu, for example, was less than 30 Euro. Even though the store is full of international guests, it may be difficult to find major sizes for larger European and North American customers. Finding socks in my size, for example, was not possible (which has been a general issue in Japan).


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