Husavik Whale Museum

Husavik Whale Museum

2,500 ISK


4.2/5 Pros

  • Very nice overview about whales in / aorund Iceland
  • Catching collection of whale skeletons
  • Centrally located

Husavik used to be one of the key whaling spots in Iceland. Nowadays, the city is still famous for the whales in the fjords. However, the lovely mammals are at most “hunted” by tourists in boat trips like my wife and I did during our cruise with North Sailing. However,the small city, which is one of my favorite places on the Nordic island, is also another way to get into contact with the animals: today, I take you to the Husavik Whale Museum (or Hvalasafnið á Húsavík in Icelandic).


Husavik Whale Museum – Location & Admission

The Husavik Whale Museum is located very centrally, just a few steps away from the harbor, where the whale and puffin watching tours depart. You can either park in the harbor area or use the car park of the museum, if you come by car. In case you use buses to get around in Iceland, the museum is right across the bus stop for the domestic bus line 79, which is taking you to Akureyri a few times a day.

The museum is opening daily from 10:00 to 16:00 in November to March and 9:00 to 18:00 in peak season. The adult admission in 2024 is 2500 ISK, roughly 16.80 EUR. You get discounts with a sailing cruise ticket, though.


Husavik Whale Museum – The Visit

The focus of the museum is about the anatomy and species of whales. There are small parts about the whaling history of the city as well. In the first exhibits of the two level museum, you learn about the whale habitats around Iceland, but also about their anatomy, their senses and similar facts.

There are also a couple of pictures made in the area, which also explain how to identify individual animals. As you saw in some of the pictures above already, a key feature of the museum is that it displays skeletons of different species of whales. This is very illustrative and also shows the wide range of different kinds of whales, from the blue whale to rather minor species. The exhibitions of skeletons continues in the second floor, where multiple of them are mounted at the ceiling.and in smaller displays.


Husavik Whale Museum – Services

The museum drives a really nice souvenir store, which is also having quite some items related to Icelandic maritime life. The staff in the museum was very friendly and helpful.


Husavik Whale Museum – My View

I feel that the Husavik Whale Museum is really illustrative and gives a good overview about the different species of whales. It is maybe not that posh as Whales of Iceland in Reykjavik, but therefor more educative. If you visit Husavik for a cruise or for the Eurovision Exhibition, you should definitely also have a visit to this place.


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