Sharjah Classic Car Museum

Sharjah Classic Car Museum

10 AED


4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice selection of price
  • Location close to the airport
  • Cheap admission, nice staff Cons

  • Smaller than other UAE car museums

In close proximity to Sharjah Airport, there is the Sharjah Classic Car Museum. On my November 2019 trip through the city, I felt it was a must visit. I was quite interested how this place would be compared to the Emirates National Auto Museum in the very South of Abu Dhabi.


Classic Car Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is located in an enclosed area next to Sharjah International Airport. The distance to Sharjah city center is some 15 kms.

The museum is open daily from 8:00 to 20:00 hrs. On Fridays, the doors open at 16:00 hrs. Adult admission was 10 AED (2.50 Euro). The grounds have sufficient free parking.


Classic Car Museum – Car Exhibition

The exhibition is situated in a major indoor exhibition hall, which hosts some 100 cars. The cars are (not that surprisingly) closed and feature very early automobiles like Ford’s Model T to 1970s and 1980s cars. For each car there is in information display with the basic facts. For some of the key topics of the exhibition (there is, for example, a wide range of very classic Ford models), there are also additional displays.

I visited the museum majorly in anti-clockwise order, which also means that you start with the oldest models in the collection. There is an impressive collection of early vehicles available.  There is also a wide selection of Mercedes-Benz cars.

In further parts of the museum, you will find a huge range of classic American brands – maybe the most impressive part of the visit. You will also find a lot of other brands, though – there is for example a special display on Volkswagen.


Classic Car Museum – Other Exhibits

Apart from the mobile exhibits, the museum also features some bikes and also some other items around mobility (e.g. old petrol station pumps). In addition, some interactive displays make the place more attractive if you visit in company with your little ones.


Classic Car Museum – My View

The Sharjah Classic Car Museum may not be as big and impressive as the Abu Dhabi one, but for mobility buffs and car nerds, it is definitely a place to visit. The opening times are comfortable, the admission is a bargain, the staff is nice and you can easily combine your visit with some of the Eastern Sharjah attractions. I more and more like Sharjah (bad luck it will take some time until I am back there…) – the Sharjah Museums like the Classic Car one or the amazing old airport and the Al Mahatta Museum are just big factors for that!


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