Aerotel Jeddah Airport (JED)

Aerotel Jeddah Airport

443.70 SAR


3.7/5 Pros

  • Large hotel room with good beds
  • Very convenient location Cons

  • No hotel WiFi in room
  • No alarm clock

Even though I really enjoyed my trip with Saudia Airlines from Tunis (TUN) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL), the transfer times at Jeddah Airport (JED) were not ideal. In both directions, I had to wait some eight hours for my connection. As the return transfer was overnight, I opted to have some proper sleep in the terminal hotel. A nice opportunity to have a look in the Aerotel at Jeddah Airport (JED). Here is my review.


Aerotel Jeddah Airport – Location

You just cannot miss the Aerotel Jeddah Airport. Right after you pass the International transfer security control or disembark from the airport tram, it is on the left hand side. In addition, there are also signs. When you exit the hotel, you are right in the shopping area of the international terminal. The upper level features lounges like the amazing Alfursan Business Lounge as well as some restaurants, which you can make use of. I don’t know about their opening times, though. Snacks are also rather limited in the shops right around the hotel.



Aerotel Jeddah Airport – Room

I booked a Superior Double Room for eight hours, from 21:00 to 5:00. Due to my membership at Smart Traveler, the loyalty program of Plaza Premium Lounges, I received a ten per cent discount on the price, leading to a total of 443.70 SAR, roughly 110 EUR. I was quite amazed when I entered the room. Regarding it is a terminal hotel, the room was surprisingly large. The design was a bit of old-fashioned, though. However, if you think about having two people with hand luggage only, the size is almost luxurious. There was not chair at the work desk, though. Thus, I had to move the heavy chair you see in the pictures to do some stuff. Unfortunately (in contrast to the Alfursan Lounge, for example), the room does only feature UK-style power outlets, no universal ones. The room features USB ports for mobile charging as well.

As you see above, two bottles of water were provided, which I rather enjoyed. The bathroom was fit for purpose, but not overwhelmingly posh. Basic amenities were provided by dispensers, with a dental kit in addition. One thing I also missed was an alarm clock or similar in the room. I don’t use them typically, but especially as guests typically have to be at a flight in time, I feel that this should be definitely part of the room equipment. Obviously, the hotel room does not feature any kind of window. Another weird item in the room was the telephone, which did not work at all, not even to call the reception desk.


Aerotel Jeddah Airport – Service

The staff was overall friendly. However, when I tried to get back from the room to the airport lobby to grab some snacks, I could not use the route I took to the room (and which was also signed), as the latch of the door has been dismounted. The correct route is crossing the female prayer area, due to which I was shy to use it. This may be very unfortunate in case of an emergency. The hotel is also driving a restaurant area. However, they do not use it to serve food to guests, but the area is used as a lounge replacement for few airlines, which is a bit of weird.

I was quite amazed that there are two fitness centers for hotel guests, one for male and one for female hotel guests. The gym was not overwhelmingly posh, but fit for purpose. At check-in, I was informed that there is no hotel WiFi in the room. The hotel only provides access in the lobby. I could access the airport WiFi, though. The airport WiFi is not really user-friendly, though. You can only access by receiving a text message with a code. Unfortunately, there is a very limited number of machines you can use the login for.


Aerotel Jeddah Airport – My View

It is a pity. The Aerotel Jeddah Airport has so much potential. The rooms are large, much bigger than you could expect. With a bit more hospitality and service, this terminal hotel could be an amazing stay. During my visit, it was fit for purpose, with some nice extras like the gym. I was still thankful for some hours of good sleep in a proper hotel bed.


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