A Trip To Saksun (Faroe Islands, Pictured Story)

During my trip to the Faroe Islands, I did a couple of short road trips, typically to slightly more remote villages. Today, I take you to the first of these trips, to the city of Saksun rather in the North of the groups of islands. The village just has ten inhabitants, but is rather famous for his picturesque location and beautiful church. The trip there is an easy, but lovely drive. Enjoy my Pictured Story.


Saksun – Location & Road Trip

Saksun is located on the North at the island of Streymoy (which is the main island of the Faroe Islands). It is located right next to the Pollurin lake / fjord. It is also famous for its large waterfall.

The road to Saksun is route 53, also named Hvalviksvegur. It is roughly a 10 kilometer drive (one-way) from Steymnes, where the road is merging into one of the main roads, route 10. The distance to Torshavn is roughly 45 kilometers and it is a few kilometers more to Klaksvik. The distance to Faroe Islands Airport (FAE) is roughly 55kms. A non-stop drive from there is about one hour.


Trip To Saksun

The yellow flower (the marsh marigold, for botanist) sign at the beginning of route 53 tells you that the trip to Saksun is already part of an enjoyable visit. Indeed, leaving the nice village of Streymnes, you drive through a picturesque valley. Especially close to the beginning of the trip, you have to take care of sheep. The road is one-lane, but there are waiting bays, which makes it rather convenient to drive. I have been there in September 2023 – I guess that in peak travel times, it may be a bothersome to take that route.

The trip takes you along the River Stora, there are some farms and residential buildings along the route. Despite the day was a bit of foggy during my trip, you could also see the hills at the mouth of the river to the ocean. The rather large parking lot at the end of the public road (the remaining road is limited to locals) already tells you how popular Saksun is in summer.


Views of Saksun

The residential area of Saksun is a bit hidden away from the touristic area. Of course, you should respect the private property and life of the people living in the village. Nonetheless, the building is a beautiful add-on to you picture of the lovely waterfall. However, the main attraction is the beautiful fjord and the historic houses. There is also a museum, which was – unfortunately – already closed for winter closing during my visit.

However, Saksun Church is regarded to be one of the most beautiful religious buildings on Faroe Islands. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the building as such (at least in winter), but it is still a lovely experience to scroll around the churchyard.



Saksun – Services

Apart from the museum, there is also a public toilet (you see it from outside in the major picture above). It was perfectly serviced – like many similar locations on the Faroe Islands. I absolutely enjoyed that comfort on my trip.


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