Gullfoss – Iceland’s Most Famous Waterfall? (Pictured Story)

Many tourist traveling to Iceland put the day trip of the Golden Circle on the top of their list. Apart from the Thingvellir area and the Geysir Hot Spring Area, one of the key attractions on this trip is Gullfoss. The waterfall is neither the highest one in the country nor the one transporting the highest volume of water. Nonetheless, visiting the iconic 32 meter high waterfall is definitely an impressive experience. I take you to this place in my Pictured Story based on an early morning visit.


Gullfoss – Location & Transport

Gullfoss is some 120km away from Reykjavik, the drive is slightly less than two hours. The waterfall is located at route 35. You can drive there with a normal car, the route is paved. However, a few kilometers North of Gullfoss, the route turns into the core part of the famous Kjölur Route (F35), which does have vehicle limitations if you travel by rental car.

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Gullfoss is a natural sight and thus open 24 hours a day. There are no restrictions to get to the waterfall. I personally prefer early visits, especially in summer, as after 10:00 hrs, there may be hordes of tourist buses arriving there. On the other hand, the restaurant, shop and information center is obviously not open 24/7. At the time of writing, you can access these facilities between 9:00 and 20:00 hrs. There is also no admission fee or similar to get to the waterfalls.


Some Views of Gullfoss

Below are some views of my Gullfoss visit in my Pictured Story size. There are several platforms and routes which give you different views of this natural beauty:


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