EuroNight EN 40476 Night Train from Budapest to Berlin

EuroNight EN 40476 Night Train Budapest to Berlin

129.90 EUR (single sleeper cabin)


4.0/5 Pros

  • Great value for money
  • Lovely train steward
  • Breakfast included Cons

  • Outdated rolling stock
  • Train too slow

TraMy trip in late October / early November 2023 involved a lot of traveling. Once I made it back to Budapest, only train legs laid ahead of me. The most exciting one was definitely Euronight EN 40476, which brought me from Budapest (Nyugati station) to Berlin Main Station. A top of of two hours compared to the original schedule I booked lead to a total expected travel time of roughly 16 hours. The ride is operated by MAV-Start, the Hungarian national rail. Here is a review of my experience. This connection used to be called Metropol in the past.


EN 40476 Budapest to Berlin – Route and Rolling Stock

As many European night train services, the train from Budapest to Berlin is linked with several other services. For example, in Budapest, the train was linked to Czech rail cars going to Prague. For the reason of splitting and re-setting up the train, there are two major stops, both in Czechia: the first one is an about one hour stop in Breclaw, close to the Slovakian border. A major one is a three hour stop in Bohumin North of Ostrava and thus right before the train crosses the Czech-Polish border. In my original booking, the night train was supposed to depart at 19:29 in Budapest. Finally, the departure was moved by two hours:

Train Schedule
arr dep Station (2nd November 2023 schedule)
17:29 Budapest-Nyugati (Hungary)
17:55 17:56 Vac
18:09 18:09 Nagymaros-Visegrad
18:20 18:21 Szob
18:31 18:34 Sturovo (Slovakia)
18:59 19:02 Nove Zamky
20:03 20:06 Bratislava
20:47 20:49 Kuty
21:04 22:02 Breclav (Czech Republic)
23:40 23:44 Ostrava-Svinov
23:49 23:51 Ostrava hl.n.
23;58 02:40 +1 Bohumin
02:46 02:47 Chalpuki (Poland)
03:00 03:08 Raciborz
03:35 03:41 Kedzierzyn Kozle
04:08 04:18 Opole Glowne
04:43 Brzeg
05:08 05:20 Worclaw Glowny
06:04 Legnica
06:26 Lubin Gorniczy
06:52 06:53 Glogow
07:29 07:32 Zielona Gora Gl.
08:18 08:22 Rzepin
08:44 Frankfurt (Oder) (Germany)
09:44 Berlin Ostbahnhof (Eastern Station)
09:55 Berlin Main Station
10:06 Berlin Charlottenburg

You have to state that at the time of booking, I did not see that the train also runs to Berlin-Charlottenburg. RJ 456 coming from Graz in Austria, which is linked to this train (see below), definitely offers this connection. The Hungarian rolling stock is likely the rather most “historic” one compared to Nightjet sleeper cars or those provided by the Czech and Polish rail. I initially felt that the suspension was kind of soft and the car shook quite a lot during the ride. But overall I felt it was not too bad.


EN 40476 Budapest to Berlin – The Sleeper Compartment

You cannot compare the Hungarian sleeper car with modern night trains like the Nightjet. Presumably, the car I used was built in the 1980’s or similar era. The space was actually quite nice and there were two power plugs plus one at the sink for a shaver or similar. I was traveling with a lot of luggage, but as a single traveler, there was no issue getting the stuff somewhere – there is a large luggage rack and a smaller under the ceiling and also quite some space on the floor.Next to the beds, there are smaller storage pockets, e.g. for a mobile phone, and a reading light.

The car does not feature air conditioning, but at least a rather good ventilation and heating (if needed in winter). You cannot open the window, unfortunately. The blinds were a bit of run down and also tended to not close properly. One thing I do miss (especially if you bear in mind the long travel time) is a table. The washing basin is covered and thus could suit somehow, but there is no chance to sit somewhere next to it. There is a call button in case you need assistance. There were also some metal hangers. However, I rather felt them to be bothering as they clashed against the wall of the compartment permanently during the trip, so that I took those down I did not need.

Sleeper Cabin may be shared by up to three people

The sleeping compartment may hold up to three travelers. If you are going on your own, that also means that you find three cushions somewhere around. A second one is very handy. The blanked is good.. I initially did not like the mattress too much, but finally I had a really good nap, so it just could not have been that bad. The cabin has already been the best category you can book. You may book two adjacent cabins though (either if you are a major party or to have a “sleeping room” and a “living room”. In contrast to the Nightjet, you cannot lock the compartment from outside, which I felt to be very bothering.


EN 40476 Budapest to Berlin – My Trip

I departed in Budapest on 2nd November 2023, so that I arrived in Berlin on Friday 3rd November 2023. Wednesday has been a public holiday in Hungary as well as in parts of Germany. Even though I booked the ticket rather early ahead, the price for the non-refundable booking was amazing: overall, I paid 129.90 EUR (ticket issued by the Austrian rail, ÖBB – even though the train does not touch Austria at all) for a sleeping car compartment just on my own. The Hungarian rail also offers couchette cars and sleeper seats on this connection.

The train did depart on time, but already got some five minutes between each stop during the first stages in Hungary. The long train felt to be very difficult for the rather small train stations, none of the stop times really felt realistic… And finally: it’s a night train. Once you are behind schedule, there are too many other trains, which pass you with priority. I was rather surprised when the train sections were already divided in Bratislava.

At that point, the delay was already about 60 to 70 minutes (after an expected travel time of two and a half hours). That also makes planning very difficult. If you knew about a major stop in advance, you might stock up food at the Slovakian capital, for example. There was not too much more of a delay when we arrived in Breclav where the Austrian Nightjet 456 from Graz to Berlin was already waiting on another platform. The rail workers quickly entered the train so that the two parts could be connected.


Suprisingly Good Sleep

As expected, the train was back in schedule after the long break in Bohumin, where it also changed direction and headed straight over the River Oder / Odra towards Poland, just to make a short stop at the first station in Poland, Chalupki, which also took a bit longer than the expected one minute. This would not have been that remarkable, if there wasn’t an announcement (in Polish or Czech?) through the speakers – which was the first time at all, at least since we left in Budapest. Bohumin was a nice opportunity to connect with friends, by the way. The Polish and Czech sleeper cars, now on other platforms, provided free internet.

The reason why I cannot provide you with stories of the next hours is rather basic: I slept. That was rather remarkable, as I am a terrible sleeper in night trains. I woke up in the foggy morning, some ten minutes before Zielona Gora, right in time to sent a mental greeting to my floorball friends in nearby Zbasyn and Babimost. In Poland, the train did what it did not do before: it was on time.Around Rzepin, I received breakfast. The train had a little delay in Frankfurt (Oder), right after crossing the Polish-German border, due to a police screening, but it nonetheless even made a few minutes too early to Berlin.


EN 40476 Budapest to Berlin – Service

The train staff was very friendly. She spoke English very well. I did not check out her skills in German, but she felt to be at least reasonable in that as well. The conductor is also collecting your ticket at the beginning of the trip. There is no need to hand her a passport or similar, as the train is not leaving the European Schengen Area. Her compartment also sells drinks and light snacks. Sleeper car travel includes a light breakfast. You can choose from several items and select seven of them. An “item” thereby is something like a coffee or a tea, juice, a set of ham or marmalade or two basic bread rolls. You can also buy additional items for 1 EUR per item.

Close to the that part of the car, there are also two toilets. I told you already that the rolling stock is not the fanciest on the planet, so you would not expect a fancy loo as well. The toilets are in line with that. There are no showers in this class of Hungarian sleeper cars. You find a towel and a soap (as well as some water juice, nuts and a chocolate bar) at your sleeper compartment.


EN 40476 Budapest to Berlin – My View

I do like traveling with comfort and style. I love the Nightjet Single Sleeper cabin coming with a shower and own toilet. But: this freaking trip with the Austrians costs you a fortune. The Hungarian train does a great job at a lovely value for money. The only downside I see is that this connection just takes too long. I think that traveling from the Hungarian should be a typical “8 to 8” night train connection: leaving at one city at 20:00, arriving at the other on 08:00. EN 40476 and the train running in the opposite direction is unfortunately not making it at all. Nonetheless, I really liked this trip.


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