Best Western Dreiländerbrücke Weil am Rhein

Best Western Dreiländerbrücke Weil am Rhein

63 EUR


3.8/5 Pros

  • Very convenient location
  • Amazing breakfast
  • Large, comfortable room
  • Nice staff Cons

  • Streneous and slow access - only one escalator
  • Room assigned not in line with reservation
  • Free access to hotel room floors

On 6th January 2024, I have been in Switzerland to cover two floorball matches, Zulgtal Eagles vs. Visper Lions and Lejon Zäziwil vs. Red Lions Frauenfeld. As the first match has been rather early in the day, I decided to have a relaxed trip to Greater Bern and already have a night en route to Germany’s Southern neighbor country. Due to the cheaper hotel prices in my home country, I opted for a stay in Weil am Rhein, which is a city right at the German-Swiss border. Here is my review of the Best Western Dreiländerbrücke.


Best Western Dreiländerbrücke – Location & Transport

The hotel is located right at the Swiss-German border. The reception is located on the sixth floor on top of a building, which is hosting a shopping mall The section of the building as such is also hosting parts of the community offices and services. and rather feels like a medical service building than a hotel. The reception and restaurant are located on the 6th floor, the rooms between the fourth and the seventh floor. However, the there are two hotels sharing the same reception and facilities. There is just one elevator for all services and the hotel, which even lead to delays when I arrived at the Best Western at 21:30.

The entrance to the hotel is right next to to he entrance to the parking garage of the shopping mall Rhein Center. Thus, it is a rather good to reach hotel if you travel by car. The German A5 motorway / Swiss A2 motorway is not too far away. Additionally, tram line 8 connects you to Weil am Rhein station and Basel Swiss Rail Station. Please note that even though the tram is operated by the Swiss local operator, German tickets (including the Deutschland Ticket are valid on the German part of the connection, while you need a Swiss ticket for the trip to Base. There are cross-border tickets.


Best Western Dreiländerbrücke – Room

I had a prepaid rate for a night in January 2024, Friday to Saturday. Excluding breakfast, the rate was 63 Euro for a single room with a kitchenette. I neither did plan to have the small cooking facility nor thought about it when I checked in. Thus, I was not unhappy having a really large and spacious corner room, which, however, did not have a cooking facility at all. Furthermore, the air conditioning is inactive during winter time, which was also advertised. That is fine from an environmental perspective, but should be clearly advertised on the website. The soundproof of the room was average, though. There were some louder discussions in front of the shopping mall, also in the night, which you could clearly listen to.

In line with the living room, the bathroom was very spacious and comfortable. Amenities are provided by dispensers. Apart from some marks, the room felt clean, modern and renovated. I was a bit surprised, though, that the power outlets had German plugs and USB charging, but no Swiss outlets (even though there are many Swiss people around). Another weird thing was that especially when you entered the room through the large hallway, it massively smelled like male deodorant (and even had that touch when I checked out) – I have no idea where this is coming from.


Best Western Dreiländerbrücke  – Breakfast

Breakfast is definitely one of the premier features of the hotel. The 11 Euro buffet features a lot of items, from warm dishes like scrambled eggs and sausage to various bread rolls, cold cuts and many other items. The breakfast was really amazing, also based on the rather low price for the buffet.


Best Western Dreiländerbrücke – Service

The internet connection provided by the hotel is really fine and reliable. I had some login issues, though, which were handled by the staff in a very professional and friendly manner. Overall, I loved the friendliness and hospitality at the Best Western Dreiländerbrücke in Weil am Rhein.


Best Western Dreiländerbrücke – My View

The Best Western is a solid choice for a stay in Basel and Northern Switzerland. The location is good, you can easily reach it by car as well as by public transport. Having a single elevator shared with public services is unbearable, though, and lead to too long waiting times during my stay. You can also easily walk into the staircase and reach any hotel room’s door – I don’t feel absolutely safe about it. Bad luck, as these things may be hard to change – and cannot be compensated by an amazing breakfast.


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