Rock of Ages – Central European Shows of my Favorite Musical in 2022

Last week only, I had to cancel or rebook four trip due to Covid-19 related reasons. Three of them included U.K. shows of my favorite musical Rock of Ages. I introduced it to you in a posting about the previous U.K. Tour, which also brought the English version of the musical to Berlin for the first time. Due to the massive pandemic issues in the UK, they had to postpone the re-start of the show after a Christmas break from mid of January to at least end of April 2022.

That also leads to the funny fact that I am today scheduled to see the first show after Christmas 2021 not any more in Inverness, Blackpool or in Peterborough… But in fact in Pinneberg, a city Northwest of Hamburg. This year, Rock of Ages is surprisingly frequently played on German stages. Some of the ensembles are hobby groups or semiprofessional. On top of that, British musical actors are typically much better trained than German ones. Nonetheless, some of these performances might finally be quite charming. I really liked the one I visited in Zons in 2019. In this posting, I introduce you to the German and Central European shows scheduled for 2022. I may update this list from time to time. Please make sure to regularly check if shows in fact take place – Covid-19 is causing quite a lot of postponements in here. There are also some local shows in North America


Rock of Ages in Germany / Central Europe 2022

Here are the appearances of the musical I found so far for 2022:


March / April 2022 – Pinneberg (near Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein)

As said above, this will be the first Rock of Ages musical show I will attend in 2022 (under the current planning). The ensemble called Musical-Company Pinneberg seems to be quite well reputed in the greater Hamburg area. The venue is a stage within a hotel / restaurant not too far from Pinneberg station. I was also surprised about the large number of shows they are planning to give. Look forward to see the final two ones.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Musical-Company Pinneberg e.V. (hobby theatre?)
Venue: Hotel Cap Polonio (stage within a hotel/restaurant)
Dates: Daily 19:30 shows (10 total) between 24th March 2022 and 2nd April 2022
Tickets: 22 Euro
Website: Ensemble / Ticket Shop


April 2022 – Holzwickede (near Dortmund, Northrhine-Westfalia)

Vorhang auf Holzwickede e.V. is a hobby musical group, who have quite a lot of shows in April 2022 near Dortmund in Germany. The venue right next to Dortmund Airport (DTM) is also quite interesting: the Kinderglück-Halle (namely: “Children’s Luck Hall”) feels to be a charity place.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Vorhang auf Holzwickede e.V.
Venue: Kinderglück-Halle Holzwickede
Dates: Ten shows: 8th to 10th, 13th, 16th to 18th, 20th, 22nd and 23rd April (most shows 19:30, apart from Sunday / Easter Monday)
Tickets: 20 to 24 EUR
Website: Ensemble (with Ticket Shop)


April 2022 – Warsaw (Poland)

Rick of Ages has been shown in Polish already in 2019. I always dreamed to be there. Unfortunately, the shows scheduled for 2022 do not match my schedule too well, as I am out with the Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2022 most of the time. I am aiming to squeeze in one show, though. Will be a cool experience – I saw the musical so far only in languages I speak (German, English) or at least quite well understand (Swedish). Polish will be very differnt. The Teatr Syrena in the heart of Warsaw seems to have a good reputation and an interesting repertoire of shows – so that could be fun.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional ensemble (language: Polish)
Venue: Teatr Syrena
Dates: Seven shows: 21st to 24th April 2022, 28th to 30th April 2022 (19:00)
Tickets: between 130 PLN (29 EUR) and 90 PLN
Website: Link



May 2022 – Eichstätt (near Ingolstadt, Bavaria)

The people around Eichstätt near Ingolstadt seem to praise this hobby ensemble, who do stage, music and acting all by themselves. The ticket pre-sale has not started yet. I saw a price of 19 EUR on a city marketing website, though. I hope to make it to one of their shows, which feels to promise quite a lot of fun.

Show facts:

Ensemble: MuT e.V. (“Musik und Theater Eichstätt), hobby ensemble
Venue: Boxerhalle Eichstätt
Dates: Seven shows: 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 25th, 27th, 28th May 2022
Tickets: No presale yet
Website: Link / Facebook site



June / July 2022 – Zwickau (Saxony)

My guess is that these four shows in Zwickau could be the best performance you see of Rock of Ages on German grounds in 2022. They did the show before and now head to four open air stage shows in late June / early July 2022. It is quite a challenge to reach Zwickau from Cologne, so that I am not sure whether I will finally make it there.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Theater Plauen-Zwickau, professional theatre
Venue: Freilichtbühne am Schwanenteich
Dates: Four shows between 30th June and 3rd July 2022 (19:00, Sun 15:00)
Tickets: Ticket sale not yet open
Remarks: Open Air Stage
Website: Link



July 2022 – Georgsmarienhütte (near Osnabrück, Lower Saxony)

A show which is not too far away is the the one at Waldbühne Kloster Oesede, an open air stage in Georgsmarienhütte South of Osnabrück. There are quite a lot of shows. Some things feel a bit weird: Franz and Hertz are Dutch people in this interpretation and the cast list is also stating the role of Angelenos, which I am not really sure what that will be like. At least they have a Kellnerin #1, a “Waitress No.1”, so life won’t be too bad. Quite a lot of shows spread over a decent period of time. the venue looks beautiful, indeed.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Cast list available here (like semi-professional to hobby artists)
Venue: Waldbühne Kloster Oesede
Dates: Overall, twelve shows between July and September 2022
Tickets: 20.30 EUR
Remarks: Open Air Stage
Website: Link



July 2022 – Zwingenberg (near Heidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg)

The Schlossfestspiele Zwingenberg are highly likely the most beautiful venue of all Rock of Ages shows listed in here. The venue is an open air stage in a castle right at River Neckar (please be aware that there are several cities in Germany called Zwingenberg, the postal code is 69439). The infrastructure will be a bit of tricky here. There are just small bed&breakfasts around, the train schedule does not allow you to leave the place after the show by public transport. However, beautiful Heidelberg, Sinsheim and Heilbronn are around. You will need a (rental) car to reach this place, though, definitely.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional cast
Venue: Schloss Zwingenberg
Dates: Six shows (20:30) between 27th July and 31st July 2022, Sat 18:00 and 22:00 hrs
Tickets: Not available yet, presale in March
Remarks: Open AIr Stage within a castle
Website: Link



Last, but not least, the U.K. Tour

In general, I can highly recommend to travel see the U.K. Instead of finishing in September 2022, Rock of Ages is currently expected to tour until July 2023. I will be at a couple of venues. At the time of publishing this posting, I still expect significant changes to the tour plan.

27 to 30 Apr 2022 Woking – New Victoria Theatre
03 to 07 May 2022 Crawley – Hawth Theatre
10 to 14 May 2022 Edinburgh – Playhouse
17 to 21 May 2022 Cardiff – New Theatre
24 to 28 May 2022 Aylesbury – Waterside Theatre
31 to 4 June 2022 New Brighton – Floral Pavilion
7 to 11 June 2022 Wellingborough – Castle Theatre
14 to 18 June 2022 Portsmouth – King’s Theatre
24 to 25 June 2022 Southhampton –  Mayflower Theatre
5 to 9 July 2022 Southend – Cliffs Pavillion
23 to 27 Aug 2022 Inverness – Empire Theatre
30 Aug to 3 Sep 2022 Glasgow – Kings Theatre
6 to 10 Sep 2022 Sunderland – Empire
20 to 24 Sep 2022 Poole – Lighthouse
7 to 11 Feb 2023 Bromley – Churchill Theatre
14 to 18 Feb 2023 Aberdeen – His Majesty’s Theatre
20 to 25 Feb 2023 Blackpool – Winter Gardens
2 to 6 May 2023 Llandudno – Venue Cymru


Title picture: Rock of Ages UK Tour Banner

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