SSF Dragons Bonn – MFBC Leipzig/Grimma 0:3 (0:1, 0:0, 0:2)

Before I went to Zons and watched the German interpretation of Rock of Ages at the Zons Open Air Theater, I had time to squeeze in some German Women Floorball Bundesliga. My former club SSF Dragons Bonn hosted the Mitteldeutscher Floorball Club combination team of Leipzig and Grimma. Together with Weißenfels, MFBC dominates German Women Floorball. Bonn, however, has a steady development in men and women and can rely on a very solid basis in the Rhineland Region. Thus, they always have the potential to give their opponents a tricky time. Thus, this 28th September 2019 match was definitely worth a trip to the former German capital, a day before I saw Bonn’s men team in a thriller at Holzbüttgen.

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Bonn vs. Leipzig/Grimma – Match Report

The guests had a perfect start of the match. Though the first minutes were rather nervous on both sides, Anne-Marie Mietz pushed to enter the slot with the ball in the fifth minute, when she could only be stopped by Luisa Jahn’s slash. Bonn had a small chance to score a short-hander, but the favorites did it the cool way and Charlotte Rüssel converted the power-play after six minutes. Bonn became stronger towards the middle of the period and had a chance to come back, when Mietz was sent to the bench for another Incorrect Hit. Bonn was finally too slow to score here. Nevertheless, they were back in the game and both teams had some chances before the intermission.

No Goals in the Second Period

Daniel Mahnken’s words seemed to be good ones – the Dragons had very strong first minutes in the first period. The MFBC was just about to regain control, when Wiebke Richter made her team being short-handed for two minutes in the 30th minute. After they survived the situation, the guests were the better team. After fourty minutes, the scored felt to be just right.

Mietz scores the Short-Handed Goal

The 75 loud spectators (as long as they were favoring the Dragons) felt that their team could come back in the third period, when Emily Louisa Berger was sent off for another two after a chaotic situation. But while they started well in the power play, Bonn ran into a Gimma fast break. Mietz did it with style – Bonn’s goalie Manuela Stüßer had no chance to deny this nice play by the national team forward. Bonn tried to push for a closer score, but especially their shots did not bother Justine Werner too much. With some two minutes left on the clock, Alexandra Kürth did the third goal and thus finally removed any doubts about the winner of that interesting battle.


Bonn vs. Leipzig/Grimma – My View Of The Match

Surely, the MFBC was the better team in this Bundesliga contest – but Bonn played a good role Their scoring was too limited to really take points away from this match, while Erik Schuschwary’s girl did what you have to do to win at the Sportpark Nord. Anne-Marie Mietz’s short-handed goal was likely the match decider – no chance for Bonn to be back in the business with a lucky punch any more. Nevertheless, Daniel Mahnken can be really proud of his team, who showed competitive sixty minutes.


Bonn vs. Leipzig/Grimma – Lineups

SSF Dragons Bonn: 21 Manuela Stüßer, 1 Marlene Oertel – 2 Michelle Mittermüller, 3 Friederike Schlotmann, 4 Elena Bröker, 5 Karen Grünewald, 6 Michelle Klaiber, 7 Greta Boeker, 8 Amira Taube, 9 Luisa Jahn, 12 Claudia Birkigt, 13 Jana Feix, 14 Gundula Schwendt, 15 Ann-Kathrin Becker, 18 Kaja Waloßek, 19 Emme Fischbach, 20 Randi Kleerbaum.


MFBC Leipzig/Grimma: 91 Justine Werner, 50 Jean Fischer – 3 Alexandrea Kuerth, 4 Kim Käseberg, 5 Annika Röder, 6 Tessa Böttger, 7 Hannah Götze, 8 Virginia Kunkel, 9 Charlotte Rüssel, 10 Tiffany Küttner, 12 Lisa Raunest, 13 Nathalie Berger, 15 Annalena Daum, 16 Sarah Hecht, 24 Lisabeth Klaus, 25 Anne-Marie Mietz, 30 Wiebke Richter, 33 Emily Berger, 77 Elena Böttrich


Bonn vs. Leipzig/Grimma – Gallery

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