Red Ants Rychenberg – UHC Laupen 2:4 (2:1, 0:3, 0:0)

The Winterthur, Switzerland, traditional women team Red Ants Rychenberg was one of the first teams I regularly worked with during my times. While in these times, the two floorball legends Katja Timmel and Sandra Dirksen were key motivation to follow the team, a Hungarian player brought me back to Oberseen. Blanka Benyo, who transferred from her home country to Switzerland to learn in the U21A team, had occasional nominations in the Red Ants NLA team. Unfortunately, the Hungarian was not in the line-up this time (just in the U21 match). The Red Ants hosted Laupen on 27th October, who travelled to Winterthur with German international Alena Holst. With two NLA midfield teams in the rink, this match-up had some potential to be interesting. In addition, Kati Etäläpää gave her comeback on the Red Ants bench – this time, as an assistant coach. What an interesting matchup after visiting the Zurich FIFA World Football Museum.










Red Ants vs. Laupen – Match Report

Laupen got into the game like you just want it to happen: after 79 seconds, Sina Hofmann gave the guests the lead. As there were not too many opportunities thereafter and both teams struggled to get close enough to the goal, it was a bit surprising that Jael Koller could tie the score in the 12th minute. Four minutes later, Red Ants legend Alexandra Frick even gave the home team fans another reason to cheer. The 2-1 first period break lead was a bit lucky for the hosts, but not undeservedly.













The comfortable position was quickly handed over to the guests in the second period. Again, it has been less than two minutes played, when Yara Hofmann scored in a fast break situation. Laupen just had the momentum now and took a two-goal lead within 59 seconds. In the 27th minute, Frida Svensson aimed for the lead, which seemed to inspire Andrea Wildermuth for goal number four for the guests.











Though it felt like Laupen could now have an easy time, this somehow did not lead to a higher lead for the guests. At the end of the second period, the Red Ants felt to have chances for a comeback. In the third period then, both teams leveled the opponent’s strength. There was neither a chance for the guests to have a higher victory nor for Rychenberg to come back.













Red Ants vs. Laupen – My View of the Match

Laupen offered the superior concept, especially on the offensive side, and deserved the victory. I felt quite worried after both matches in Switzerland. In both cases, I would expect more skills. The teams are tactically strong and there are some players to watch – but the match is just not agile enough. Compared to the SB-Pro match I saw some weeks ago in Finland, the match felt so different. There are also significantly less scoring opportunities, so that the role of the goalie feels less important than in other leagues. I will likely watch some more matches in mid-January 2019, so that I hope that these matches will proof me wrong.

On the other hand, the NLA also gives a chance for some players to be in quite intense focus. Alena Holst played a great match, being in the rink at several Laupen goals. Especially in the first and second period, there were some very nice fights for the ball and offensive plays by the agile German player. On the Red Ants side, it is great to see that the Under 21 players really get matchtime and not just sit on the bench.



Red Ants vs. Laupen – Lineups

Red Ants Rychenberg: 68 Livia Angehrn, 71 Nicole Heer – 4 Jessica Smeds, 5 Stefanie Meister, 7 Melea Brunner, 8 Regina Büchi, 9 Annika Dierks, 15 Nicole Mattle, 16 Jasmin Krähenbühl, 17 Jael Koller, 20 Alexandra Frick, 23 Selina Tanner, 26 Tabitha Koller, 28 Luzia Kessler, 29 Sarina Merz, 37 Tabea Ryf, 73 Sophie Kunz, 84 Vanessa Schmuki


UHC Laupen: 11 Leana Schoch, 71 Jeanette Wagner – 3 Linda Rüegg, 5 Melanie Burri, 8 Livia Altwegg, 10 Naika Umbricht, 13 Rebecca Vontobel, 14 Michele Grob, 15 Romina Widmer, 16 Mara Rüegg, 17 Yara Hofmann, 18 Sina Hofmann, 20 Alena Holst, 22 Frida Svensson, 23 Stephanie Hegglin, 25 Cecile Walder, 26 Annina Eisenbart, 27 Sina Sturzenegger, 37 Kia Lehmusvuori, 72 Dominique Linhardt, 98 Sabrina Aerne




Red Ants vs. Laupen – Gallery

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