Stadtwerke Ratingen Mehrkampf Meeting 2024 – Heptathlon (Day 2, 23rd June 2024)

Three events left until Ratingen would be able to crown their queen of athletics. There were still three events left in the women’s heptathlon, so quite a lot of shifts possible in the ranking. Here is my second day report from the Stadtwerke Ratingen Mehrkampf Meetings 2024.

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Mehrkampf Meeting Ratingen – Heptathlon Day 2

The ladies had a longer sleep than the male decathletes. Their first group in the long jump kicked off at 11:50, while Group A even could wait until 12:45.


Long Jump

Twenty heptathlon athletes made it into the second day. Verena Mayr (Austra) and Holly Mills (United Kingdom) decided to step out of the competition overnight. The presumably weaker jumpers started first. However, Chinese Ninali Zheng had the third-largest jump overall with her second attempt of 6.11 meters. Sandrina Sprengel (Germany) took the lead after five events, also because she profited from her countrywoman Carolin Schäfer struggling in her first two attempts and closed 18th overall with a distance of 5.66 meters, almost a meter worse than her personal best. The brightest smile in long jump had Eintracht Frankfurt’s Lucie Kienast, who “won” the event with 6.35 meters.

Athlete Meters
1st Lucie Kienast (Germany) 6.35
2nd Sandrina Sprengel (Germany) 6.27
3rd Ninali Zheng (China) 6.11


Javelin Throw

The focus of the javelin event was definitely on Marie Dehning. The German from TSV Bayer Leverkusen improved her personal best by some three meters and won the competition with 56.12 meters, beating second-placed in Group A, Tori West (Australia) by more then four meters. Group B, however, was spectacular. Six season’s best and three personal best distances were shown in the potentially weaker group. Katie O.Connor (Ireland) had a great competition and overall finished second.

Athlete Meters
1st Marie Dehning (Germany) 56.12
2nd Kate O’Connor (Ireland) 52.12
3rd Tori West (Australia) 51.74



The somehow disliked 800 meter distance closed the Heptathlon. Katie O’Connor trailed Sandrina Sprengel by some 80 points after the javelin throw. She pushed in the second of two heats and won the race with a season’s best of  2:14.57 minutes. As Sprengel was not that much slower, finishing the second heat fourth with 2:19.25 minutes, the German finally won the heptathlon competition. The second and third placed times in this discipline, however, emerged from the first heat of the overall lower ranked athletes. The Germans Laura Voß and Lucie Kienast had a tough battle in this two stadium rounds race, Voß beat Kienast on the final straight and overall placed eighth in the competition.

Athlete Time (min)
1st Kate O’Connor (Ireland) 2:14.57
2nd Laura Voß (Germany) 2:15.37
3rd Lucie Kienast (Germany) 2:15.88

Sarah Lagger (Austria) and Carolin Schäfer did not start in that competition any more. Esther Conde-Turpin (France) could not complete her race.


Heptathlon Final Result

Fifteen out of originally 24 competitors finished the heptathlon. German Sandrina Sprengel was the happy and surprising winner in this women combined event, with an incredibly small lead on front of Katie O’Connor and Australian Tori West. Remarkably, Sprengel did not placed best in any of the seven events, but simply showed a stable performance in all disciplines. With exactly 6,000 point, French Elisa Pineau placed fourth.

Athete Points
1. Sandrina Sprengel (Germany) 6.260
2. Kate O’Connor (Ireland) 6,244
3. Tori West (Australia) 6.235
4. Elisa Pineau (France) 6,000
5. Vanessa Grimm (Germany) 5,985
6. Marie Dehning (Germany) 5,934
7. Lucie Kienast (Germany) 5,899
8. Pauline Bikembo (France) 5,478
9. Anna-Lena Obermaier (Germany) 5,692
10. Lara Siemer (Germany) 5,622


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