WFC U19 Girls 2024 Bronze Medal Match: Switzerland – Czechia 1-5 (0-2, 0-2, 1-1)

After the Place 7 and Place 9 machtes at the beginning of the day, 12th May 2024 in Lahti solely featured the medal matches. In the Bronze Medal Match of the Under 19 Women World Floorball Championship, Switzerland faced Czechia. Both teams had faced close and dramatic semifinal matches before. Switzerland had a great fight and surprisingly closely lost to Sweden, which Czechia even went into overtime against Finland on the previous day. Thus, thee was no clear favorite. However, Czechia’s victory in the round-robin phase of the tournament in that setup might have given them additional spirit.

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Switzerland – Czechia – Match Report

The period of checking out the strategies of the opposite team at the beginning of the match was rather short. Switzerland did not look too bad, but they struggled put any kind of final pressure on Eliska Svrckova’s goal, who was comfortably protected by her dynamic defenders. On the other side, Czechia looked smarter and also straighter in their attacks, which lead to eight shots in the first twenty minutes. Two of these attempts, one by Valentyna Zerzanova (14th) and one by Lucie Baldrevoca (19th) superseded Ronja Florin. Not undeservedly, Czechia thus had a two goal first intermission lead in front of 1,767 spectators.


Just Two Shots on Svrckova’s Goal

The story of the second period felt like a copy of the first on. From a Swiss National Team perspective, it more and more felt like one of these days where you just don’t make it. Again, the Czech defenders did an awesome job, tackling and blocking the opponent’s plays and opportunities. A shot statistics in total of 15-2 for Czechia was devastating. It almost felt needless to say on this afternoon that Czechia was also more effective in scoring. Linda Fuchsova stole the ball in the 29th minute, right in the beginning of a game play build-up and sniped beautifully for the 3-0 lead.

After Swiss survived a short-handed situation, they started to pull Florin, when possible, with their top formations. However, she was on the field when Czechia scored for the fourth time. With just two seconds left, Lauts Bertini just did not manage to nail Andrea Breska at the rink. The Czech felt to get rid of the Swiss defender too easily for a shot right in the deepest part of the opponent’s heart.


No Chance For a Comeback for Angry Switzerland

From the perspective of the trailing team, the match felt much more pleasing in the final period. They did manage to pass the Czech defensive effort now as well. However, the effectivity of the Swiss Unihockey national team was absolutely not sufficient. They also did not dare to pull their netminder again early in these final twenty minutes. They also had to survive short-handed situations twice, which made valuable time pass. Salome Müller scored the only goal for her team in the 51st minute. She tipped in the rebound of a shot after a lovely counterattack driven by herself. However, a second goal, which might have given them the momentum, just did not happen in that match at the Lahti Sports & Trade Fair court.


Switzerland – Czechia – My View of the Match

The after-match party on this Sunday afternoon party was on Tomas Martinik’s team. Similar to the group match between the two national selections, Switzerland did not feel mentally well-prepared for situation trailing against Czechia again. Even later during the Bronze Medal celebrations, you could see and feel how paralyzed the players were of the situation. Several of them, including staff members, were still not able to properly congratulate the deserved winner during the ceremony. Twice at these World Floorball Championships in Lahti, Czechia found the right mood and strategy to supersede their sportive rivals impressively. To me, it thus was an absolutely deserved medal for the Czech team.



Switzerland – Czechia – Lineups

Switzerland: 81 Ronja Florin, 92 Ania Schneider – 3 Sina Rudisuhli, 6 Mirjam Wyss, 7 Dana Misteli, 8 Anne Hartsch, 9 Simona Pleisch, 11 Svenja Schilliger, 12 Salome Müller 13 Lisa von Arx, 14 Laura Bertini, 18 Corin Haldemann, 19 Norina Reusser, 20 Chiara Moser, 22 Livia Kurz, 23 Anja Gross, 24 Finja Helbling, 26 Larisa Müller, 28 Jana von Rotz, 44 Simea Gerber, 82 Annika Morf

Czechia: 74 Eliska Svrckova, 81 Karolina Backova – 5 Veronika Machalkova, 7 Anna Bruchackova, 9 Barbora Fackova, 10 Valentyna Zerzanova, 11 Karolina Klubalova, 13 Sofie Gocova, 14 Barbora Loviskova, 16 Linda Fuchsova, 18 Tereza Matyskova, 20 Nela Sikorova, 22 Nela Kubalcikova, 23 Andrea Breska, 24 Tereza Hlaviznova, 25 Lucie Baldreichova, 26 Nikola Stekerova, 27 Klara Horcickova, 28 Karolina Liskovcova, 29 Anna Sigmundova


Switzerland – Czechia – Gallery

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