Dümptener Füchse – UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels 1-6 (0-3, 0-1, 1-2)

Just two weeks after I featured the Dümptener Füchse women’s team at Erlensee, I had them on my schedule again on 2nd March 2024. This time, they played at home, facing one of the favorite teams for the championship in the German Floorball Bundesliga, UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels. While reigning champion Dümpten just could not deny that their 2023/24 season just did not work out at its very best, the guests had a tough battle for the first spot after the regular season with the ETV PiranHHas Hamburg. A definitely interesting match-up at Mühlheim an der Ruhr in the German Ruhrgebiet.

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Dümptener Füchse – UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels – Match Report

The first part of the match was dominated by strategic choices of both teams. Especially the first five minutes, in which Dümpten had almost straight ball possession without having any major shots on goal, underlined that. The Saxony-Anhalt guests more and more started to develop offensive options as well, however. Finally, a free hit lead to the first goal of the match. In the 11th minute, Weissenfels has been granted with it at short goal distance and Andrea Gerdes gave Carla Benndorf the perfect sniping position.

This lead to a more and more to an open game. Weissenfels did great in defense though. The league’s scoring leaders Anna-Lena Best and Winona Jürgens had almost no shots on goal in the first two periods, while especially the dynamic first Weissenfels line did manage to outplay the hosting Füchse. After 13:23 minutes, Pauline Baumgarten showed her offensive experience and excellence in hectic situation and gave her team the two goal lead. The third goal by Weisselfels should not be missed in any season highlight video. Feisty Sarah Kleinschmidt gave a short pass on the right attack side to Baumgarten, who did a perfect cross court assist to  Lara Schubert, who finished with a perfect snipe. The score after twenty minutes felt a bit high if you look at how the ball moved in that period – but Weissenfels were just so much better in the details and did not lead that high undeservedly.


Dümpten with a Tough Time in the Second Period

Vanessa Weikum was one of the key players of Weissenfels to me in that match. The defender had a massive number of blocks, especially against Best and Jürgens. The more, it was somehow a nice story that the defender gave her team the fourth goal. The 25th minute score somehow reflected the match so far: A long pass by Pia Kristiina Juhala should have been easily caught by a Dümpten defender, but it slipped though and Weikum had an easy time to pass Dümpten goalie Daniela Strüngmann in that situation.

The match was fast and catching. I also enjoyed that the umpiring by Janek Rottmann and Philipp Behne was much better (and appropriate to the match) than what I saw in the both matches in Erlensee two weeks before. Weissenfels was in total control of this match. There were less goals than in the first period, but the Weissenfels defense and their strong netminder Sophie Kleinschmidt gave the home crowd twenty additional minutes of despair. Just towards the end of the period, Dümpten showed some better plays. The most striking one was likely by Jürgens in the 38th minute. I that match situation, you just must not miss a short distance attempt right in front of the goal as a national team player.


Dümpten gained Confidence for the Play-Offs

Dümpten just struggled too much so far, especially in office. Thus, the father and son Buckermann Dümpten coaching staff definitely did the right thing at the beginning of the third period and went for other options. Right in the first minute of the period, they pulled Strüngmann and attacked with six players, for example. The hosts definitely had more good plays now – but the Weissenfels defense must have felt like a wall of armor steel to them. I had to smile in the 47th minute, when Weissenfels complained after a foul that it was not an advantage situation – just when their very own Sofia Anastasia Violet Horn shot the fifth goal. Smart umpiring, obviously.

In the last ten minutes, Dümpten majorly went for the six attack strategy. Their power play looked very good, but again, both Weissenfels lines could stand the attack for a long time. Captain Anna-Lena Best took a lot of responsibility in that time and almost had any rest time on the bench. Even though there was no score, the way Dümpten played was really pleasing. Nonetheless, it was not not the luckiest of all days for Dümpten and finally, Schubert’s hook shot hit the empty net four minutes before the buzzer. With 88 seconds left to play, Winona Jürgens killed the potential Kleinschmidt shut-out with a nice shot from the left wing and thus gave her team’s fans a somehow happy ending of the afternoon.


Dümptener Füchse – UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels – My View of the Match

The match in Dümpten was definitely a top notch appetizer for the play-offs. Weissenfels sealed the top spot in there, while Dümpten now first runs into FloorballBB United in the pre-semifinals, presumably facing the ETV PiranHHas Hamburg in a semifinal battle. While Dümpten felt to be painfully limited by the smartly coached guests in the first two periods, the third period should have lead to some optimism for the team. As a league leader, there is no need to be pessimistic for Weissenfels anyway – let’s see whether we run into this match-up again in the 2023-24 season.


TSG Erlensee – Dümptener Füchse – Lineups

Dümptener Füchse: 1 Daniela Strüngmann, 29 Vivian Jung, 44 Lea Bruckhoff – 4 Laura Göbel, 5 Riana Mena König, 7 Anna-Lena Best, 8 Mila Strüngmann, 9 Winona Jürgens, 10 Jana Baccus, 12 Marie Hu, 16 Svea Andre, 17 Veronika Bezouskova, 18 Franziska Kallweit, 20 Shawnee Jürgens, 23 Anne Scheunemann, 26 Nuria Guerbouj, 29 Vivian Jung, 39 Lara Kürbis, 47 Janika Willingmann

UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels: 97 Sophie Kleinschmidt, 7 Tabea Valerius – 5 Pauline Baumgarten, 8 Vanessa Weikum, 9 Carla Benndorf, 16 Sarah Kleinschmidt, 18 Lara Schubert, 19 Janina Rumi, 20 Anne Berbig, 21 Pia Kristiina Juhala, 22 Sofia Anastasia Violet Holm, 23 Andrea Gerdes, 32 Karla Weser, 35 Emma Gänkler


Dümptener Füchse – UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels – Gallery

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