TSG Erlensee – Dümptener Füchse 0-11 (0-5, 0-5, 0-1)

As part of my initiative to have more sports coverage in 2024, I traveled to Erlensee on 17th February 2024. The local Großsporthalle (“Major Sports Arena”) hosted two national floorball matches in a row, starting with a match of the German Women Bundesliga. Home team TSG Erlensee from the city East of Frankfurt faced the reigning German champion Dümptener Füchse. Both teams struggled in the season. The guests were just placed third at that point in the season, trailing UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels and ETV Lady Piranhhas Hamburg. Before that match, Erlensee was on the seventh and thus second last spot on the league table. Let’s see if they had a chance for an upset.

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TSG Erlensee – Dümptener Füchse – Match Report

Erlensee created a quite nice atmosphere in the typical German sports hall (the smell of waffles made my day, definitely…). The music had a lot of beat and everything was set for a nice women floorball match. The beat in the rink was on the guest side. You saw the experience of the reigning German champions – especially their big guns made the match in the first period. League-leading scorer Anna-Lena Best gave Dümpten the lead after 46 seconds only. Not sure if it is a wise choice to play Enya on an away team goal. At least, after Janika Willingmann’s goal in the 6th minute raised the lead to two goal, it was just some 40 seconds after that Only Time has been played before Dümpten raised the score to 0-3.

Dümpten felt extremely confident in this part of the match. It took Erlensee a while to get at least a bit into the game and create their first own scoring opportunities. Even though they did better, the TSG did not find a good way to block the individually superior key players of the Ruhrgebiet team. Finally, Anna-Lena Best added to more points to her lead in the scoring table, assisting Winona Jürgens in the 13th minute and sniping, almost from the center line, with about one minute left on the clock. In a match of two teams with very different perspectives, the 0-5 intermission score felt like a brutal, but deserved sportive status.


Erlensee Improves in the Second Period

Dümpten’s Riana Mena König was the first player on the match report in the second period. However, the too weak referees of this match had a two minute sin-bin time for her (2nd, inc. hit).. You just cannot expect Erlensee at that stage to play a quick and effective power play against a team like Dümpten, who finally even had a scoring chance out of their box play. Back at even strength, Dümpten finally sealed the victory (if there was any doubt…) with four goals, including an unlucky own goal by Eileen Traxel, within five minutes.

Not just due to the own goal, Erlensee felt a bit of clumsy in some situations, but overall understood much better how to play against the Dümptener Füchse already. Especially Elena Fabritius Osorio, who had a fast break chance in that time of the match, could have scored the first goal for the hosts, but netminder Lea Bruckhoff denied that one. This one gave more faith and confidence to Erlensee, who overall played a much better second half of the match than they did in the first 30 minutes. However, there are top German floorball guns like Winona Jürgens, who scored her third goal in the 38th minute and put a 0-10 on the scoreboard in the second intermission.


A Pleasing Third Period for Erlensee

The third period saw a much more leveled match. Especially the first minutes of that part of the match had a quite confident play for Erlensee, who just missed a player like Best or Jürgens in their squad who is able to do the final snipe. Thus, there was just one more goal in the match report in these final twenty minutes – and it was for the guests, again. Janika Willingmann did the eleventh one for her team.

Despite these many goals, I felt goalie Linnea Könnecke did a really nice match for Erlensee. I also loved some of their young guns, like Germany’s Under 19 international Maya Birnbaum or Ukraine’s national team player Albina Kachan. There were even some tears at the end of the match – but they were by Lea Bruckhoff, who became emotional about her shut-out. I am sure they turned into pride quickly.


TSG Erlensee – Dümptener Füchse – My View of the Match

There are big differences between the teams in the German Women Bundesliga. Even though Dümpten might struggle a bit in their relations this season, they are simply to strong for TSG Erlensee. The Hesse team did perfectly what they can do in a match like this: they constantly learned and improved their game over these 60 minutes, which thus even give a somehow pleasing touch even though they got bageled. If they keep up this process, they will have more successful matches in the 2024/25 season, indeed.

Dümpten did what was necessary and just still come with some overwhelming players. It will be interesting to see how much they can use these strengths and stabilize their game before they head into their key opponents like ETV Hamburg or UHC Weissenfels in the upcoming play-offs.



TSG Erlensee – Dümptener Füchse – Lineups

TSG Erlensee: 55 Linnea Könnecke – 4 Maya Birnbaum, 5 Emily Birnbaum, 8 Albina Kachan, 11 Gina Traxel, 12 Elena Fabritius Osorio, 13 Diana Syrkina, 15 Emma Rienecker, 18 Eileen Traxel, 21 Lea Borchers, 28 Nella Müller, 42 Inga-Luise Rudin, 46 Leya Ihle

Dümptener Füchse: 44 Lea Bruckhoff – 4 Laura Göbel, 5 Riana Mena König, 7 Anna-Lena Best, 9 Winona Jürgens, 12 Marie Hu, 15 Lena Göbel, 16 Svea Andre, 17 Veronika Bezouskova, 18 Franziska Kallweit, 23 Anne Scheunemann, 26 Nuria Guerbouj, 39 Lara Kürbis, 47 Janika Willingmann


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