Spotlight – meets Martina (27th April 2023)

This April 2023 episode of my Spotlight interviews is one I have been a bit of nervous about, indeed. After having pop, rock and country musicians, I am really happy to have my very first interview in here with a German schlager artist. More than that, Martina (full name: Martina Rauscher) is a Bavarian artist, who is singing her songs in Bavarian dialect. She has just released her single Immer weida (“On and on”) a few weeks ago (I introduced it to you in March 2023). Hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did. meets Martina

FLYC: Martina, thanks for joining me for an interview. Your most recent single Immer weida has been released in mid-March 2023. How do you feel about the release so far?

Martina: Thanks for having me! It’s really unbelievable that the song already had 10,000 streams on Spotify after four weeks and some radio stations are now playing it permanently in their programs. A big dream is coming true for me right now.

FLYC: The song is originally by Tanja Mae. What made you chose this track as your second single?

Martina: The original song is standard German and I love it. The message is very positive and fits perfectly into my life. However, I kept singing it with my Bavarian dialect so I came up with the idea to make it my own song with my personal sound. I called Tanja and she said: “Let’s try!”

FLYC: The previous single was your debut one Danzhit (translated to “Dance Hit”). The song has a similar style. Is that the kind of song you are aiming to write in the future as well?

Martina: Absolutely, the style of music is exactly what I love to create and perform. Nevertheless, my songs are based on my personal life so it can also happen that influences from other genres describe my rockier or wilder as well as my sadder and more thoughtful phases.

FLYC: Danzhit features the line “I just wanted to write a dance hit, simply being happy”. Which moments are making you most happy in your life?

Martina: What makes me happy in life usually has a lot to do with music. Creating new songs, going to concerts, feeling the spirit at a festival, as well as joining the little living room party with family and friends – these are moments I love the most.

FLYC: You even recorded a piano version of your debut single, which is creating a very different atmosphere. Which kind of music do you listen to in your free time?

Martina: It’s not a lie when I say: all kind of music. It always depends on the situation: I absolutely loved the Rammstein concert but I prefer simple piano music when washing the dishes. I listen to a lot of Bavarian artists, the variety is incredible.

FLYC: Are there any artists which influenced you most on your first steps of the career?

Martina: Every artist I meet is an inspiration but I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to create something different and new. My personal style which does not really fit in a genre combined with Bavarian lyrics.

FLYC: You were part of a Bavarian TV talent show competition, Mia san mia. Could you take away anything from that which you are still profiting from today?

Martina: 11 years ago (at the age of 23) I participated in a TV show which was a great experience but right after the show I concentrated on my studies instead of starting a career as a musician. It just did not feel right at that time. That’s different now.

FLYC: You are singing in Bavarian. Do you feel that this is limiting your audience? Do you also get feedback from outside Bavaria or even outside the German-speaking countries?

Martina: Yes and No. Bavarian dialect might not be spoken a lot but it can (most of the time) be understood in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I have many listeners who are from the Netherlands and other countries, too. That’s funny but I think they get the message and feel the energy of the songs.

FLYC: Have you ever thought about singing in standard German or even in English?

Martina: Being an English teacher I translate a lot. My English is even better than my standard German so why not translate one of my songs to English? That’s actually a good idea, I would love to do that one day.

FLYC: You do a lot of organizational things by yourself. How difficult is it to coordinate your music career with your other professional and private life?

Martina: It’s my personal chaos. It is full of mistakes, a big learning process and a lot of organisation. Luckily, I have many people around me who accept and support my music career. My life is far away from being perfect but I love it the way it is.

FLYC: Regarding your professional life: you are also a very talented photographer – and a teacher. How do your students react on your music?

Martina: They are absolutely gorgeous! My music is probably not their favorite style but they can sing along and very interested. I often try to combine music and my teacher life. We translate English songs and sing them together in our Bavarian dialect.

FLYC: Does being connected to young people help you for your career, for example as you see how they are using social media nowadays?

Martina: (laughing) Am I an old person already? 😉 I use social media a lot, I think even more creative than most of my students. But you are right, they always keep me updated and influence my usage in many ways.

FLYC: Looking forward to 2023: what are your plans for the next months? Will there be more music, maybe some live appearances?

Martina: I will be in the studio a lot, creating many new songs and hopefully finishing an own album by the end of this year! In the meantime I have a lot of little events coming up where I will be performing my singles. Stay updated and check my Instagram for the latest news.


All pictures used have been provided by the artist and are under her copyright.


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