German Floorball Under 15 Girls – Final: Red Devils Wernigerode – Dümptener Füchse 5-4 SD (1-1, 3-3, 1-x)

26th June 2022, Mülheim-Dümpten, Von-der-Tann Straße sports hall, 14:00 hrs local time: The final two teams, fighting through the group matches and being victorious in the semifinals, were ready for the show-down: The Red Devils Wernigerode and the Dümptener Füchse had to (or were gifted to) close the season by becoming the German Champion in the Under 15 Girls (Small Field) category. Wernigerode qualified with a straight victory against the SG WSF/Jena, while the hosting team had some more trouble with FBC Havel. A pre-match dance act, the national anthem, this match definitely started in style.

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Red Devils Wernigerode – Dümptener Füchse – Match Report

The Red Devils struggled with an incorrect hit call after two minutes – a minute after Lilly-Frances Tropschug came back from the penaty box, Carla Litwin scored the first goal of the match (5th) with a nice fast attack. The match was a much faster one than the matches before – and the 290 spectators in the Sporthalle Von-der-Tann-Straße gave a great atmosphere. Another raising arm by the referees in the 13th minute was a holding call against Wernigerode’s Michelle Siedenberg, who definitely was not happy for that. She did not like the call – and so did her captain Tropschug as well as the Devils bench. This lead to another minor for protesting. Four minutes of short-handed play – quite a heavy situation compared to what had in fact happened in the rink before.

The hosting team put massive pressure on Wernigerode’s goalie Lara Feuerstracke, who had a massive series of saves. With just 24 second of the man-advantage situation to be over, there was the double shocker for the team from the edge of the Harz region: first, Nuria Guerbouj finally converted the power-play and tied the score in the 17th minute, but more than that, Feuerstracke just had pumped herself too much and broke down on the field. She had to be treated medically, no chance for her to play on. The game had to be interrupted for some 15 minutes, Wernigerode’s Laura Fiedler took the brave duty minding the net from now on.


23 Minutes left with Fiedler in the Crease

The first period did not have any major events any more, so that the match got back on fire in the second period. In the 25th minute, Hayley-Jane Tropschug went for the Wernigerode lead for the second time. However, it took Dümpten just thirty second to turn this match into a mad battle: Guerbouj scored her second one to tie the score and eight seconds later Franziska Kallweit gave the very first lead for Dümpten after a defensive mistake by Wernigerode. In the eleventh minute, there were again two goals within a short period: Siedenberg tied the score at 30:01, while Guerbouj found the right answer 48 seconds later.

Thereafter, the match a bit less speed and opportunities, but was still dramatic. Nobody threw his/her hat in the ring when Guerbouj had scored their third one of the game – and neither did someone in the 18th minute, when Siedenberg just needed two seconds of power play to tie the score and bring her team back in the match. It was remarkable that even in the last ten seconds of regular time, both goalies, Fiedler and Lea Bruckhoff, had to show good saves. The score after 40mins: 4-4, time for a five minute sudden death showdown.


Siedenberg wrote the last chapter of a memorable Wernigerode Floorball Fairy Tale

Again, both teams felt to aim for the decider when the referees opened the floor for the showdown. There were good attacks on both sides, but Siedenberg had the best one at the time of 42:01. Her attempt passed Bruckhoff and thus gave the beginning of a Wernigerode party in the Ruhrgebiet.



Red Devils Wernigerode – Dümptener Füchse – My View of the Match

The last match of the day boosted the German Under 15 Girls National Championships to another level. The match has been amazing and was played with a much higher quality than the floorball matches before. The story of the match was of course the collapse of Lara Feuerstracke and how Wernigeorde turned that tragedy into a Saxony-Anhalt success story. You have to analyse what lead to this highly unfortunate situation, the heat in the sports hall, the pressure on the teams and unfortunate umpiring. Finally, this story, the dramatic match and the golden snipe by Michelle Siedenberg will finally make you remember this match more than any other one of the Mülheim an der Ruhr days – regardless which team you have been favoring. And, luckily, there have been a lot of smiles at the medal ceremony.



Red Devils Wernigerode – Dümptener Füchse – Lineups

Red Devils Wernigerode: Lara Feuerstracke – Lilly-Frances Tropschug, Laura Fiedler (17th: GK), Hayley-Jane Tropschug, Carla Litwin, Michelle Siedenberg, Auratai Märger, Lilly Fiedler, Henrike Jäschke

Dümptener Füchse: Lea Bruckhoff – Leah Teetz, Linnea Spelz, Mila Strüngmann, Ebba Andre, Marisol Varona Beitz, Marla Lehringer, Nuria Guerbouj, Franziska Kallweit, Luisa Best, Lotta Quade, Svea Andre, Nelia Guerbouj


Red Devils Wernigerode – Dümptener Füchse – Gallery

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