German Athletics Nationals 2023 – Day 1 Field (8th July 2023)

I am a huge fan of the field events in athletics – and thus, I am really glad to also share my impressions of these disciplines from Kassel with you. Day 1 at the German Athletics Nationals 2023 had some really interesting competitions and stories to tell, Of course, in a major event like this, I did not have access to the infield of the competition, so that some disciplines, especially discus or hammer throw, significantly lack a picture quality professional colleagues from major media can achieve. Hope you still like what I did in the Kassel Auestadion on 8th July 2023.

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German Athletics Nationals – Day 1 Field Events

The first event of the day was the women’s hammer throw. Germany’s season best, before the championships, Samantha Borutta (Eintracht Frankfurt) won the competition in the midday heat of Kassel with a distance of 68.12m.

As the even took place on the opposite event of the stadium, I did not make it to the men’s triple jump, which has been the second technical event of the day. At about 14:00, the men’s shot put also started. Dennis Lukas (LG Idar-Oberstein) did not beat the 20 meter line, but was still better than his peers. There was a close battle for the silver and bronze medal, with Tizian Lauria (VfL Sindelfingen) tying Silas Ristl (LAC Esslingen) with his personal best of 19.65m. However the younger Lauria had the better second best distance.

The second throwing discipline for the ladies of the day was the women’s discus throw. SC Potsdam’s Kristin Pudenz lived up to the role of the favorite and won the competition (65.98m). With three German athletes already having thrown the World Athletics norm for the Budapest World Championships, this discipline feels to be a good one for the Germans.

At this time, the men’s high jump was already running. Only three competitors made it over the bar at 2.10m. While most of the jumpers were out already, the two favorites Tobias Poyte (LG Stadtwerke Munich) and Falk Wendrich (LAZ Soest) just joined the competition. Poyte dominated the competition finally, levelling his season’s best of 2.27m. He even tried to lift his personal best to 2.31m, but failed in all three attempts.

In contrast to the male competition, I took some time and had a look at the women’s triple jump. After two withdrawals, Maria Purtsa (LAC Erdgas Chemnitz) turned to be the favorite in this event and finally stood the pressure. Her distance of 14.02m was the best German performance of the year, Second-placed Sarah-Michelle Kudla (SCC Berlin) finally trailed by about half a meter on second place.

The final field decision of the day was the men’s javelin throw. Julian Weber (USC Mainz) was expected dominating the field – and he did it. With his season best of 88.37m before the tournament, he is the only German in 2023, whose javelin traveled a longer distance than 80 meters. And also in Kassel, where he was even slightly better (88.72m), four of his six attempts would have been sufficient to beat second-placed Maurice Voigt (LG Ohra Energie).


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