Red Lions Frauenfeld – Kloten-Dietlikon Jets 3:12 (0:4, 1:5, 2:3)

It’s been quite a while since I have been in Frauenfeld. The key reason for visits with has been former German national team goalie Svenja Zell, who is in the Red Lions coaching staff nowadays. On 20th January, I made it back to Thurgau, one day after I saw the FB Riders with Appelzell and stayed in Kloten Hotel Allegra. In that match, the Red Lions hosted the Kloten-Dietlikon Jets, who are battling for the Swiss championship title. Frauenfeld is rather orientating to prevent the relegation to Nationalliga B next season.

Both teams were in the floorball news with their coaches recently. Mark van Rooden announced that he will not prolong his contract in Frauenfeld, while Radomir Malecek is not able to coach the Jets due to job reasons temporarily, but expected to come back in the 2020/21 season. A focus player for me in this match was Orsolya Stipsicz. The Hungarian national team defender managed to establish herself in the Nationalliga A.

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Red Lions vs. Jets  – Match Report

The attendants saw a quite one sided match from the very beginning. The Jets put pressure on the Frauenfeld goal from the very beginning of the match. After just 152 seconds, Tanja Bühler was the first one who made it to the scoresheet: her flat shot from behind could not be stopped by Jana Schenk. Bühler was also responsible for the second entry in the scoresheet, when she blocked a shot with hands. However, the Red Lions power play just lasted 36 seconds, as Bühler was joined by Simone Adank after a foul. The game was continued by a face off near Monika Schmid’s goal. The guests won that draw and started an amazing attack finalized by Linda Pedrazzoki after nine minutes.








The Zurich canton team was on fire now and soon scored two more goals: Andrea Gämperli was a bit lucky to profit of a goalkeeper mistake in the 12th minute. Therefore she did a lovely one just a minute later. Frauenfeld had just very few chances – the best one was likely wasted by Milena Mahler at a fast break in the 18th minute.





Jets keep dominating – Referees in Focus

The second period looked very similar: Kloten-Dietlikon controlled the match. However, the hosts now played significantly better in defense and kept the Jets much better away from the slot. Frauenfeld did manage to score by Carola Kuhn in the 25th minute, but all remaining goals in that period were done by the blue-colored girls. Isabelle Gerig scored first, Elisa Frisk (31st min) scored the second goal of that period.






In the 35th minute, the referees got into very unfortunate focus: Patricia Leone was about to be free in front of Monika Schmid in a fast break, but the referee crossed her route and more or less checked her. Leone and the Frauenfeld bench were completely upset and Leone even got a minor penalty. The reason given was roughing, though I am very sure the referees showed protesting before in the rink. First of all, this lead to the Jets’ seventh goal, as Gämperli converted in power play (35th). In addition, the match became more open now. Noth teams had their chances, but the guests just were the team who took it home that night: Michelle wiki scored for the 1:8 intermediate score. In the second last minute, Nina Metzger even scored the ninth goal for the guest.









Twenty Minutes Cool-Down – Goalie Assist

Both teams substituted their goalies with Sara Tschudin minding the net for the guests, facing Livia Werz. In addition, the young players in both teams had more playing time now. Julia Suter brought the score to double-digits just after eleven seconds in the third period. Gämperli converted a penalty shot after Janine Hohl hands. Four minutes later, Frauenfeld missed a penalty shot on the other side. Especially the young girls still seemed to be motivated, so that Frauenfeld scored two more goals. Mahler went for the second goal for the Red Lions in the 47th minute, while Liana Messere closed up to 3-11 just some seconds later. There were a couple of penalties now on both sides in a fair match.










An amazing moment had Tschudin just two seconds before the buzzer. Her long throw was caught by Michaelle Wiki, who converted the fast break situation to score the final 3:12.

Red Lions vs. Jets – My View of the Match

It may be hard to tell from a match against a that lower ranked team, but Dietlikon showed an amazing match in Frauenfeld. Especially in the first period, the pressure on the Red Lions goal was amazing as well as the Dietlikon gameplay. Frauenfeld should not struggle too much with this match – sometimes your opponent is just too strong.

And Orsolya Stipsicz? In the first two period, she just played the few short-handed situations. There was quite some playtime for her in the third period. She did quite well though she struggled with the best Jets defenders like Michelle as much as her teammates.


Red Lions vs. Jets – Lineups

UH Red Lions Frauenfeld: 40 Jana Schenk, 44 Livia Werz – 3 Milena Mahler, 4 Orsolya Stipsicz, 5 Lea Hofmann, 6 Seraina Fitzi, 7 Seraphine Geiser, 8 Janine Hohl, 9 Anina Beck, 16 Liana Messere, 17 Sandra Mischler, 18 Patrizia Leone, 20 Carola Kuhn, 21 Simone Adank, 22 Norina Lindenstruth, 23 Sandra Reinstadler, 24 Irene Räss, 27 Frida Svensson, 90 Andrea Ressnig

Kloten-Dietlikon Jets: 29 Monika Schmid, 60 Sara Tschudin – 5 Andrea Gämperli, 6 Michelle Wiki, 7 Rahel Rieder, 8 Deborah Frei, 11 Laura Bürgi, 12 Katarina Klapitova, 13 Linda Pedrazzoli, 15 Natalie Martinakova, 17 Evelyne Ackermann, 18 Kassandra Luck, 19 Julia Suter, 21 Elisa Frisk, 23 Isabelle Gerig, 35 Christelle Wohlhauser, 51 Sereina Zwissler, 56 Tanja Stella, 71 Nina Metzger, 92 Tanja Bühler, 96 Ellenor Bengtsson


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