German Cup: DJK Holzbüttgen – PSV 90 Black Wolves Dessau 14:1 (4:0, 4:0, 6:1)

I could not make it to the World Floorball Championships in Uppsala (Women) and Helsinki (Men, postponed from 2020) this year – the more I was happy that all the Covid-19 postponements finally freed some time to cover a match of the German floorball premier competitions just towards the end of the year. The Bundesliga Men team of DJK Holzbüttgen hosted PSV 90 Black Wolves Dessau in the German cup (Floorball Deutschland Pokal). The winner was up to qualify for the German quarterfinals, just one match away from the Final 4 in Berlin in March 2022. In a duplicate sense, a tough task for the guests: first of all, as the 2nd Bundesliga team traveled to the Rhineland region as underdogs. But secondly, as this draw meant a 500km trip on the last weekend before Christmas for the team. I was really looking forward to be back at the Stadtparkhalle in Kaarst, one of the most energetic places in German floorball.

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DJK Holzbüttgen – Black Wolves Dessau – Match Report

The guests traveled to Kaarst with eleven field players only – thus, it was not too surprising that they wanted to save their powers as much as possible. They felt to for a very good strategic decision initially when they tried to go for a deep and rather compact defense from the very beginning. While Holzbüttgen did not feel to be doing too well if they were in ball possession, Dessau had some too easy mistakes especially when they tried to launch fast break attacks. Dessau had the first really good chance, but more or less ran into the counterattack, which Torben Lange converted to the Holzbüttgen lead (4th). After 12:32 minutes, Lange was again part of a Holzbüttgen goal, when he turned over the ball from the Black Wolves and positioned Niklas Bröker for the second one. Really heartbreaking for the guests, who even had a great chance to score a short-handed goal before.

Niklas Stammen’s goal in the 16th minute was the grand finale of a beautiful quick play by the guests then. Finally, Janos Bröker raised the lead to four goals with a left wing laser in the 17th minute.


Four additional Holzbüttgen Goals in the second period

Right after the intermission, one of the four German internationals playing for Holzbüttgen, Torben Kleinhans entered his name into the goal statistics. You really can’t blame Dessau for the match. They were more active now, but simply could not convert. Their netminder Linus Ilgner did a good job, but overall, Holzbüttgen played with high concentration and more top level experience. Edvards Stais raised the score to 6:0 (27th), followed by Janos Bröker’s second one (31st). You could now more and more see that the Dessau concentration faded a bit. Also the physical powers felt to decrease, which also made the athletic differences between the teams much more obvious than in the first half – the hosts partially were significantly quicker than their opponents. Conrad Lewalder likely had the brightest smile of the day, after he scored his first ever top level goal in the 39th minute.


Loris Gentzsch gives Dessau the deserved goal

After Jesse Turka raised the score to 9:0 in the 42nd minute, it was Loris Gentzsch, who finally scored the very deserved goal. Both teams (partially) relied on the backup goalies now. Overall, you could see that times were getting harder and harder for the Black Wolves, Holzbüttgen added five more goals in an overall very fair and clear match to advance to the quarterfinals with a massive 14:1 score.


DJK Holzbüttgen – Black Wolves Dessau – My View of the Match

I was a bit of disappointed after the match. With a bit more discipline and maybe luck in fast breaks, Dessau could have really scared DJK Holzbüttgen in this one. Especially in the first period, one or two Dessau goals could at least have been leading to some mental battles. Overall, Holzbüttgen just played like a big team and scored in the deciding moments. Despite the final score, the match was a really entertaining one to watch, especially as the 110 spectators still felt to give a real boost to their DJK.


DJK Holzbüttgen – Black Wolves Dessau – Lineups

DJK Holzbüttgen: 29 Jan Saurbier, 1 Domenic Saurbier  – 3 Linus Joest, 4 Torben Kleinhans, 5 Jesse Turka, 7 Jannik Heinen, 8 Nils Hofferbert, 10 Janos Bröker, 11 Niklas Bröker, (19 Mark Jones), 21 Dennis Schiffer, 23 Edvards Stakis, 24 Moritz Neustadt, 44 Torben Lange, 82 Conrad Lewalder, 87 Niklas Stammen, 95 Maximilian Groß, 96 Kevin Strauss

Black Wolves Dessau: 77 Linus Ilgner, 1 Oliver Simontowski – 4 Loris Gentzsch,10 Jeremy Beil, 11 Justin Düben, 17 Philipp Neubauer, 23 Philip Schulnies, 26 Phillpp Balzer, 32 Jonas Balzer, 37 Lenny Merten, 39 Sascha Marquardt, 66 Maurice Tobegen, 89 Christian Hoffmann, 97 Luca Winter


DJK Holzbüttgen – PSV Dessau – Gallery

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