KEC “Die Haie” Cologne – ESC Planegg-Würmtal 1-6 (1-2, 0-1, 0-3)

The DFEL (German Women Ice Hockey League) leader traveling to the bottom team of the table (which had, to be precise, significantly less matches than any other team at that point in time): on 6th February 2022, the Cologne top division team of the Kölner EC hosted ESC Planegg-Würmtal from Munich county, one of the most successful female hockey clubs in Germany of all times. Clear stats – clear match? The first match of the double header has been a 5-1 victory for the guests. However, Cologne could at least keep an even score in the first period. On that Sunday at noon, the teams clashed for a second time.

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KEC “Die Haie” Cologne – ESC Planegg-Würmtal – Match Report

Cologne tried to block the favorite’s play. Especially in the first period, they have been quite successful in intercepting Planegg passes and also making their way in to the offensive zone. The Bavarians, surely, felt to be the superior team and finally also took profit from an unnecessary tripping penalty against Naemi Bär, which lead to Franziska Feldmeier power play goal from the left wing in the seventh minute. Cologne gave a brave fight and it was Bär again who made it to the match report after thirteen minutes, when the “Haie” profited from a turnover in the Planegg defensive zone.

The Cologne happiness took less than a minute. Julia Zorn, captain of her team and the German national team nicely converted a fast break on her birthday, while the referees had already shown a delayed penalty against the hosts. No more goals in the first period, so that Planegg went to the locker rooms which a remarkably close score.


Sarah Kubiczek hat the brightest Smile in the 2nd Period

The Cologne fight continued in the second period. Despite 22 shots on the goal of the amazing Carolin Walz, they still had a chance to go for the sensation. Also in the second period, the guests controlled the match, they kept the match around the opponent’s goal – but only Sarah Kubiczek was able to beat Walz in the 27th minute. With a bit of more luck, the lady sharks even would have been able to score for the second time, but three minutes before the second intermission, the guest’s net-minder Franziska Albl had likely one of her finest moments of the match.


Last 20: Bavarian Party in Cologne

After just one goal in the second period, Planegg played more concentrated and Cologne felt to loose some power and spirit after five exhausting periods on that weekend. Janina Fuchs was the first ESC Planegg-Würmtal goal scorer in the 49th period. Some half a minute before that, the referees had already pointed into the goal, but showed the video judge sign as well (there is no video umpire at the DFEL, of course) and finally reverted that surprising decision. The last minutes of the match featured two more goals for the favorite team. Katharina Gerstmeir raised the score in the 55th minute, while Leonie Willeitner went for the last goal of the match with 146 seconds left on the clock. Finally, the guests left the arena with a smile and a 6-1 victory abroad.


KEC “Die Haie” Cologne – ESC Planegg-Würmtal – My View of the Match

Cologne played a brave match, but overall, the differences between some teams are quite large (however, the teams feel to be much closer than they used to be a couple of years ago). Planegg had some trouble the first two periods, but then gave their captain an easy birthday party in the last period. Great performance by Carolin Walz, who has been the player of the match to me.


KEC “Die Haie” Cologne – ESC Planegg-Würmtal – Lineups

KEC “Die Haie” Cologne: 31 Carolin Walz – 5 Naemi Bär, 13 Jule Klement, 14 Paulina Geschwandtner, 17 Nele Basner, 23 Sarah Bramer, 27 Amelie Cyrulies, 48 Shania Apel, 66 Gesa Dinges, 72 Alyssa Hulst, 94 Jocelyn Kratchmer, 96 Lisa Oehme, 98 Anna Bramer

ESC Planegg-Würmtal: 95 Franziska Albl – 3 Daniela Kolbeck, 7 Julia Zorn, 9 Sarah Hoyer, 11 Jennifer Schuster, 17 Katharina Gerstmeir, 18 Katie Stelling, 20 Ingrun Clement, 21 Janina Fuchs, 22 Sarah Kubiczek, 29 Emila Lier, 37 Sonja Pleyer, 62 Rebecca Orendorz, 65 Anna-Maria Reich, 67 Franziska Feldmeier, 71 Alicia Williams, 96 Marie-Kristin Schmid, 98 Leonie Willeitner


KEC “Die Haie” Cologne – ESC Planegg-Würmtal – Gallery

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