WFC U19 Girls 2024: Latvia – Switzerland 1-8 (0-4, 1-3, 0-1)

Even though the match between Latvia and Switzerland was obviously a match in the top 8 nations section of the Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships, it was hard to believe that the underdog Latvia could tease the favorites. However, it was the first match of the tournament for both teams on that 8th May 2024 – so maybe there was a chance for a surprise.

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Latvia – Switzerland – Match Facts

Switzerland was in massive control of the match in the first 30 minutes. At this time, the Swiss national team already lead 6-0, with Finja Helbling scoring twice and Mirjam Wyss and Lisa von Arx having two assists each. However, a bench penalty against Dana Misteli in the 35th minute freed Latvia, who played a very brave defense. Even though the power-play did not lead to a score, they acted more self-confident in offense thereafter and were awarded with a goal by Katrina Darta Karklina in the 38th minute. On top of that, Estere Elbrete, who was Latvia’s netminder in the second half of the match, showed a brave performance. Overall, Switzerland scored just twice against her, havng an easy 8-1 victory.


Latvia – Switzerland – Lineups

Latvia: 28 Allana Kolosova, 88 Estere Elbrete – 4 Sanija Ramona Abeltina, 7 Madlena Rozite, 8 Loreta Nemiro, 10 Katrina Darta Karklina, 11 Jolanta Kozinek, 12 Patricija Kubulina, 13 Paula Zalmane, 15 Darta Malkava, 18 Evelina Caune, 20 Marta Reke, 21 Marta Drille, 24 Aleksa Alfere, 25 Beate Zavnere, 47 Elena Dice, 66 Kristine Andrejeva, 77 Annija Darta Dankfelde, 82 Viktorija Kovalova, 97 Asnate Pelmane,

Switzerland: 92 Ania Schneider, 81 Ronja Florin – 3 Sina Rudisuhli, 6 Mirjam Wyss, 7 Dana Misteli, 8 Anne Hartsch, 9 Simona Pleisch, 11 Svenja Schilliger, 12 Salome Müller 13 Lisa von Arx, 14 Laura Bertini, 16 Marla Siegenthaler, 18 Corin Haldemann, 19 Norina Reusser, 20 Chiara Moser, 22 Livia Kurz, 23 Anja Gross, 24 Finja Helbling, 26 Larisa Müller, 82 Annika Morf


Latvia – Switzerland – Gallery

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