WFC U19 Girls 2024: Czechia – Switzerland 4-1 (0-1, 1-0, 3-0)

Time to get the (potentially) better spot for the semifinals. The second floorball match on the main court of Lahti’s Sports and Trade Fair Center was one of the key matches of the tournament. In the U19 Girls World Floorball Champions hosted the Swiss National Team and Czechia. The winner of that match would likely bypass Sweden in the semifinals (and therefor run into the Finnish team), which felt like the much more favorable position for Saturday.

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Czechia – Switzerland – Match Report

The beginning of the match was dominated by match strategies. Neither team went for straight attacks, but held the ball for long in their own defense, somehow trying to spot the gap at the opponent. There were just a few situations in which that worked out. Time felt to tick down in front of 860 spectators. Finally, a Swiss attack felt to be successful, but was stopped by the Czech defense. The referees Carmen Teo and Bin Bin Lin went for the penalty shot, which Finja Helbling converted for her team (13th).


Czechia Ties the Score by Bruchackova

This goal just did have a minor effect on the match and thus the score did not only stay in favor of the Swiss , but also during major parts of the second period. Czechia felt a bit more active, but finally, both offensive lines were stopped by disciplined defensive opponents. Discipline was a key factor when the score came to a tie. Larisa Müller was on the sin bin, when Anna Bruchackova made opportunity of thee power play in the 38th minute. The score was tied, also during the second intermission.


Switzerland Felt like Giving Up in the Final Period

There were so few goals and also rare scoring opportunities so far. The more, the beginning of the third period absolutely surprised the Swiss team. Karolina Liskovcova scored the lead after some two minutes in the last period. During the following two minutes, Czechia had faith, while Switzerland absolutely struggled with the situation. Within 17 seconds of the 44th minute, Karolina Klubalova and Liskovcova raised the score to 4-1 in favor of Czechia. Additionally, Switzerland was shocked that they lost injured Marla Siegenthaler.


Czechia was in control of the match now. However, that was not the really surprising thing about the remaining match. Switzerland felt paralyzed. No time-out, no change of strategy. Switzerland just played on – with the burden of trailing by three goals. Czechia even gave Switzerland a chance to come back. With six minutes left to play, Sofie Gocova was sent to the penalty bench. The power play felt brave, but it just did not look like Switzerland was pushing for the goal. Only in the last minute, when they still trailed by these three goals, they tried to pull goalie Ronja Florin. Especially in the last minutes of the game, it looked like they were fine with loosing this match.


Czechia – Switzerland – My View of the Match

It is hard to say that Czechia had an easy win. Both teams fought hard for some 42 minutes. Then there were two minutes of genius Czech play – and an absolute mental and strategic disaster by their opponents thereafter. Maybe, Switzerland wanted to safe energy for the intense tournament, but that loss must have touched the heart of the young Swiss ladies. Their Friday early morning match against Slovakia will at least give a hint if they can quickly recover from this experience.


Czechia – Switzerland – Lineups

Czechia: 74 Eliska Svrckova, 81 Karolina Backova – 5 Veronika Machalkova, 7 Anna Bruchackova, 9 Barbora Fackova, 10 Valentyna Zerzanova, 11 Karolina Klubalova, 13 Sofie Gocova, 14 Barbora Loviskova, 16 Linda Fuchsova, 18 Tereza Matyskova, 20 Nela Sikorova, 22 Nela Kubalcikova, 23 Andrea Breska, 24 Tereza Hlaviznova, 25 Lucie Baldreichova, 26 Nikola Stekerova, 27 Klara Horcickova, 28 Karolina Liskovcova, 29 Anna Sigmundova

Switzerland: 81 Ronja Florin, 92 Ania Schneider – 3 Sina Rudisuhli, 6 Mirjam Wyss, 7 Dana Misteli, 8 Anne Hartsch, 9 Simona Pleisch, 11 Svenja Schilliger, 12 Salome Müller 13 Lisa von Arx, 14 Laura Bertini, 16 Marla Siegenthaler, 19 Norina Reusser, 20 Chiara Moser, 22 Livia Kurz, 23 Anja Gross, 24 Finja Helbling, 26 Larisa Müller, 28 Jana von Rotz, 82 Annika Morf



Czechia – Switzerland – Gallery

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