Six Intercontental Flights in 72 Hours (Overview)

No, I am not going to travel between Europe and Asia or America like a madman or do some extreme round-the-world running. The aim of this end-of-May 2018 trip is to explore the area between Spain and Morocco and visit some of the Spanish exclaves and the Moroccan life “on the other side” of the fences. Thereby, it covers some very interesting flights between the two continents as well, including the shortest intercontinental scheduled flight by plane:


Travel Planning

This is the list of flights in detail:

Date Flight from to
23.05.2018 TP 589 Cologne CGN Lisbon LIS
TP 1432 Lisbon LIS Tangier TNG
24.05.2018 AT 990 Tangier TNG Gibraltar GIB
25.05.2018 HTY 134 Algeciras LEAG Ceuta GECE
HTY 257 Ceuta GECE Malaga AGP
26.05.2018 UX 5001 Malaga AGP Melilla MLN
IB 8271 Melilla MLN Malaga AGP
27.05.2018 IB 8809 Malaga AGP Madrid MAD
IB 3132 Madrid MAD Dusseldorf DUS

The first day of my trip will position me from home sweet home Cologne to Tangier, Morocco. The highlights of Day 2 will likely be to visit the Moroccan harbour city and its old town and then head over to Gibraltar. I will immediately cross border to reach Algeciras, from where I will start off to my first helicopter flights the next day, from Algeciras to Ceuta and from Ceuta to Malaga. From there, I will have a day-trip to Melilla (and thus visit the second Spanish exclave in Africa accessible by plane) before I head back with Iberia flights to Dusseldorf. The TAP flights are in fact operated by Portugalia and White Air, Royal Air Maroc is using RAM Express and the helicopter flights are booked on Spanish helicopter service Helity. Air Europa wetleases Swift Air for the leg to Melilla, while domestic Spanish flights are both operated by Air Nostrum. However, plane and cockpit of the flight from Melilla to Malaga were leased from Danish Air Transport.

In contrast to my first trip report overview following the Weird Al Yankovic 2018 Tour in Atlanta and neighboring cities, the table above does not cover my hotel bookings to make it more easy to read. Will of course report from my hotels in the following postings


Daily Postings

The following posts are envisaged:

Six Intercontinental Flight Weekend Gallery

Spin-Off Articles

There will be spin-off articles of this trip. Once they are linked below, they are finished:


Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Feature picture: Gibraltar airport view from Gibraltar Rock

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