German Athletics Nationals U18/U23 2024 – Day 3 Field Events (7th July 2024)

Sunday 7th July 2024 was the last day of the German Under 18 / Under 23 Athletics Nationals in Mönchengladbach. The competitions at Grenzlandstadion started earlier than on the other days (at 09:30), but therefor, the competitions finished around 17:00 and gave the athletes a somehow-convenient way back home. Here is my first posting of the day, featuring the field events.


This posting comes with 280 major size pictures in a dedicated event section of the sports gallery.


German Athletics Nationals U18/U23 2024 – Day 3 Field Events

The focus events on the field side were the discus throw and the long jump. Due to just having an outfield photo accreditation for the event, I had to skip the discus throw completely. Matti Sosna (TSG Bergedorf, U18, 54.74m) and Steven Richter (LV 90 Erzgebirge, U23, 65.54m) took the golden medals home on the male side. The ladies cheered for Nadjela Wepiwe (TSG Wehrheim, U18, 48.13m) and Curly Brown (Eintracht Frankfurt, U23, 54.85m). Similarly, all long jump events were held on the closing day. Lena Ancholi (Hamburger SV, U18, 6.16m) and Samira Attermeyer (LG Olympia Dortmund, U23, 6.37m) had the winner’s smile in their face for the ladies. With 7.16m, Gian Luca Trotzky (HSG Universität Greifswald) had the longest jump for the male juniors. Simon Plitzko (TSG Bergedorf) won the men’s Under 23 competition with 7.59m.

Jumping high was on the Sunday’s Mönchengladbach bucket list as well. The Under 18 boys had their pole vault competition. LAZ Zweibrücken’s Ben Silas Kribelbauer was the only athlete passing the bar at 4.50m. There were just six ladies in the Under 23 high jump final Ella Obeta (LG Eckenthal) and Joana Herrmann both had 1.84m as their best height, but Herrmann used fewer attempts for that and became German champion. Finally, there were two shot put competitions in the Under 23 category. I just briefly featured the men’s competition, where LAV Bayer Uerdingen/Dormagen’s Xaver Hastenrath won with 18.97m, just leading Tizian Lauria (VfL Sindelfingen) by three centimeters. The decision on the women’s side was less close. Nina Ndubuisi (SG Schorndorf, 17.49m) had a more than two meter longer distance than second-placed Milaine Ammon (SV Halle, 15.26m).



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