SB-Pro Nurmijärvi – Classic Tampere 4:2 (0:1, 4:1, 0:0)

SB-Pro Nurmijärvi vs. Classic Tampere – this has been the traditional match setup for years, when it comes to the big ones in Finnish women floorball. While SB-Pro was leading the league on that 19th January 2020, Classic was still struggling to make it into the playoffs directly. CFould they turn the “traditional” rivalry into extra power – or would the favorites just keep on on their way, just trailed and challenged by Erä and Porvoo? Classic just traveled with twelve field players – nevertheless, it was definitely an interesting matchup in Arkadia Halli, Nurmijärvi, one day after SB-Pro beat Koovee. By the way, the match was lead by two Czech referees, Bara Beranova and Lucie Hejnova.

This match has been selected as my Best Sports Match during 2020.

This match report comes with a 488 major picture gallery in the sports gallery section.


SB-Pro – Classic – Match Report

Though the match started at 17:00, it felt in the first minutes somehow that the teams were not ready to go for the battle. They both played very defensively, seeking for the mistakes in the opposite defense. Classic seemed to convert one of their very few occasions after some seven minutes, but there was an incorrect hit before the shot. When Sofia Lappalainen scored for the guests in the 10th minute, there was no discussion – Annu Sellnummi deserved the point for the assist when she beautifully stole the ball and gave a quick pass. The match did not really became more thrilling. SB-Pro controlled the ball more often, while Classic felt to be more dangerous in offense. Jaana Lirkki wasted a big one in the 18th minute, when she just had to tip the ball into the empty net, but just hit the post.

Pollänen increased the lead – but then Classic broke down

Classic were more effective in the first period – and they seemed to continue in the second. After less than two minutes, Classic captain Sanni Nieminen played a quick pass to Alisa Pöllänen after a blocked shot, which lead to the second goal for the Tampere team. The teams still played quite controlled and could not create too many scoring chances. Thus, it was quite surprising, when Mirja Hietamäki shortened the difference on the scoreboard to one goal in the 27th minute, when Classic could not clear a defensive situation. In the 30th minute, Meri Jokinen was sent to the bench after she cleared an SB-Pro attack by a stick hit – it took Ina Leminen some 50 seconds in power-play to tie the score again (30th).

Maybe it was also due to two matches on the same weekend and more or less just playing with two lines, but Classic completely lost their line in the remaining second period and were even lucky that the intermission score was just 4-2 in favor of Nurmijärvi. Meri-Helmi Höynälä nailed a shot in the 35th minute, after an initial attempt has been blocked. Karoliina Kujala added the fourth one in the 39th minute, when she ran across the offensive zone and passed Elsi Kanasharju, who shortly before had kept her team in the game with a massive leg save.

En route for a perfect weekend for SB-Pro

Apart from that the match became more nervous and there were some fouls, who should have lead to penalties (only Jaana Lirkki had a two minutes suspension in the middle of the period), the match felt very easy for SB-Pro in the final 20 minutes. Classic felt to be too tired, SB-Pro too clever and did a very solid defensive job, while Kangasharju again showed some nice blocks during that time as well. Finally, SB-Pro finished their mission, as the score stayed at 4-2.


SB-Pro – Classic – My View of the Match

Classic had their chances and could have made it, but finally, SB-Pro were too strong and also just had the wider selection of players. In addition to that, the second period was a nightmare for the Tampere girls, at which I mostly enjoyed watching the two Slovak girls, Alzbeta Durikova and Michaela Sponiarova. When I look at both SB-Pro matches I attended, the Koovee one and this Classic one, I felt that despite making just some mistakes, SB-Pro had an a bit too easy task in winning these matches. Currently, teams like TPS Turku and the EräViikingit seem to be the most promising options that the 2019/20 will not be a complete SB-Pro dominance in Finland.


SB-Pro – Classic – Lineups

SB-Pro Nurmijärvi: 99 Ira Moilanen, 35 Tiltu Siltanen – 5 Silja Eskelinen, 8 Jaana Lirkki, 11 Majut Kinnunen, 12 Heidi Lirkki, 13 Meri-Helmi Höynälä, 19 Karoliina Kujala, 21 Elina Vanhanen, 22 Laura Hietamäki, 24 Niina Ahola, 25 Nita Heino, 33 Mirja Heitamäki, 42 Jenni Rautanen, 60 Jenna Ronkainen, 69 Ina Leminen, 70 Juulianna Sotala, 83 Emmi Lindh, 93 Sini Heikkinen

Classic Tampere: 35 Elsi Kangasharju, 31 Anna-Maria Linnoinen – 2 Alzbeta Durikova, 3 Michaela Sponiarova, 8 Alma Laitila, 11 Sanni Nieminen, 14 Sofia Lappalainen, 18 Julia Woivalin, 20 Milja Kiviharju, 23 Meri Jokinen, 29 Minttu Virtanen, 71 Viola Pennanen, 81 Annu Selinummi, 94 Alisa Pöllänen


SB-Pro – Classic – Gallery

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