Red Devils Wernigerode – UHC Weissenfels 6-5 (2-3, 3-1, 1-1)

Back in the Harz region: I loved to be in the area where I used to live for some seven years during my university times on 7th January 2023. The better, I had the opportunity to cover two matches by the Red Devils Wernigerode. The first match was the battle of the two Women FBL teams, the hosting Devils and the UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels (Weißenfels). The Wernigerode ladies had become a strong force in the German female floorball scene during the last scene and needed the victory to keep on chasing league leader Dümptener Füchse. Weissenfels’ glorious name felt to fade in both top league, women and men, a bit. Before that matchday, they just placed fifth out of nine times in Germany’s premier women division.

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Red Devils Wernigerode – UHC Weissenfels – Match Report

You felt a lot of respect at the Wernigerode Stadtfeldhalle in the first minutes. Wernigerode had more ball possession, while the guests felt to be slightly more aggressive in the attacking zone. However, neither of the teams could put serious pressure on their opponents. Thus, the first goal of the match felt a bit of surprising. Vanessa Weikum finalized a nice series of passes and beat Jacqueline Fiedler in the Devils’ goal for the first time. This goal changed the character of the game, which lead to a very open and attractive battle.

Sophie Kleinschmidt was in focus twice in the 12th minute. First, she initially was lucky as she could not control a rather harmless shot and just stopped it before the goal line. Just in the next attack, Wernigerode just hit the bar. However, it was the time of the host team now – and the female Devils managed to score twice within 33 seconds. Lilly-Frances Topscchug (13th min) and Julia Noel (14th min) turned the score in favor of the Harz ladies. However, both goals were also due to weak defense. Both teams struggled now with the opponents on the attack. Finally, Weißenfels could profit from that better, scoring goals in the 16th (Pauline Baumgarten) and 20th (Lara Schubert) minute.


Wernigerode back in the Lead after 40 Minutes

Wernigerode felt the slightly better team in the first period to me. However, the guests have been more agile and neat in the deciding moments. The match stayed an open battle in the first part of the second period. And the luck came back to the hosts: Hanna Vainio (22nd) and Anouk Wolf (26th) brought back the lead for their team, but Laura Hofmann tied the score in the 32nd minute again. The match now more and more turned towards a more disciplined battle. In addition, both defensive lines and the goalkeepers became a significantly more active part of the match. There was just one more goal in this middle period: Marie Suske’s goal after 32:37 minutes meant that Wernigerode would be in the lead during the second intermission.



A lot of Action in the last 20 Minutes

One story of the match were also silly mistakes. I did not mention too many of them in this report, but Wernigeode’s sixth goal was simply a too nice illustration of the match story. With the hosts being on the attack in the 43rd minute, Weissenfels were just in the rink with four player. Laura Hofmann recognized that and stormed on the field as the fifth player – but she could not avoid Wolf to score her second goal of the match. The match was really interesting now, had a lot of action, also some nervous situations and discussions.

Hofmann also turned the march into a real thriller. Weissenfels did put pressure on the hosts in the last minutes – and a pass by Baumgarten was simply very precise so that Weissenfels’ Number 13 just had to net the ball in. There were just 68 seconds left on the clock for that third period when the ball passed the line. Even though the guests managed to keep on pressure in the attacking zone, Kleinschmidt surprisingly did not leave her workplace in favor of a sixth field player any more. Wernigerode fought great in defense and thus deservedly sealed the 6-5 victory.


Red Devils Wernigerode – UHC Weissenfels – My View of the Match

The match was quite an interesting battle. But it was also the fight between the young and the experienced. Players like Baumgarten, Weikum or Hofmann drove the Weißenfels play – all ladies which have been playing for the German national team for years. On the other hand, there are players like Lilly-Frances Tropschug, who feel like the generation to come. Wernigerode will be a key team in the German Women Bundesliga if they manage to keep these players in the Harz region and take the next steps with them.


Red Devils Wernigerode – UHC Weissenfels – Lineups

Red Devils Wernigerode: 4 Jacqueline Fiedler, 39 Anny Lee Ellenberg – 7 Pauline Wolf, 8 Lisa Franze, 9 Julia Noel, 12 Lilly-Frances Tropschug, 13 Emma Schröferl, 17 Anouk Wolf, 19 Henrike Jäschke, 20 Annukka Lönnrot, 22 Marie Suske, 23 Laura Sommer, 38 Hanna Vainio, 47 Lea Weiner, 55 Eveliina Hannula, 96 Luisa Diesener

UHC Weissenfels: 97 Sophie Kleinschmidt, 7 Tabea Valerius, 1 Aline Kolditz – 2 Sarah Krämer, 5 Pauline Baumgarten, 8 Vanessa Weikum, 9 Carla Benndorf, 10 Jette Fallei, 13 Laura Hofmann, 14 Julia Bärthel, 17 Lea Kolditz, 18 Lara Schubert, 20 Anne Berbig, 24 Franka Bindernagel, 25 Emma Zimmermann, 32 Karla Weser, 35 Emma Gänkler


Red Devils Wernigerode – UHC Weissenfels – Gallery

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