WFC U19 Girls 2024: Hungary – Denmark 2-11 (2-3, 0-3, 0-5)

Denmark has been regarded being the strongest team in Group D of the 2024 Under 19 World Floorball Championships. Not only as the Hungarian U19 Women’s Team could not rely on their very best squad, their team definitely took the position of the favorites on the last match of Day 2, the 9th May 2024. Could Hungary go for the upset? Their first match against Canada, at least, was a bit of bumpy.

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Hungary – Denmark – Match Facts

Especially in the first period, Hungary was a much more unpleasant opponent for Denmark than expected. Hungary played very disciplined in defense and blocked a lot of Danish plays. On the other hand, they tried to position their fast attackers. Even though the Danish team took the lead by Sophine Bergen Jorgensen (3rd), they struggled a lot with that game-play. The Hungarian strategy felt to work out better and better, so that after 13 minutes, the underdog was even in the lead. Strongly fighting captain Orsolya Galfi and Jazmin Kajtar had brought the lead for their team. If Fanni Anna Kallai would have converted a penalty shot soon thereater, the match would have had some additional spice.

However, you have to say that Denmark more and more took over the control. Towards the end of the first period, they already managed to do better and had the necessary luck as well to find the right scoring spots. Marie Abdilgaard and Lea Habersatter already scored for the Danish lead before the first intermission. Head coach Soren Jonsson also adjusted the play in a way that Denmark blocked the Hungarian attacks much better in the following match time. Finally, Hungary could not score another goal, while the Danish dynamite more and more broke the defensive wall of the opponent. Especially a series of three consecutive goals early in the third period lead to a rather high score. Nonetheless, both teams were happy with their match finally, despite the final result of 11-2 was in expected range.


Hungary – Denmark – Lineups

Hungary: 1 Izabell Mihaly, 30 Hanna Szabo, 31 Laura Cseh – 2 Panka Rezneki, 3 Noemi Gugg, 4 Orsolya Galfi, 7 Krisztina Medica, 9 Laura Penzes, 10 Boglarka Somkovi, 14 Fanni Anna Kallai, 23 Fanni Anna Farkas, 28 Boroka Simon, 42 Jazmin Kajtar, 47 Emma Kovacs, 71 Anna Somodi, 85 Panni Avar

Denmark: 23 Isabella Schou, 1 Liv Hyllested Petersen, 2 Mila Sophia Rich Ravn – 3 Sara Vestergaard Thomsen, 5 Sophine Bergen Jorgensen, 6 Michala Mai Marinussen, 7 Sille Larsen, 8 Sofia Vestergaard Frederiksen, 9 Emilie Elisabeth Andersen, 10 Laura Lentz, 11 Freja Bertel Nelkop, 12 Milla Falkenberg Staunsholm, 13 Cemille Thorup Jarlov, 14 Lea Habersatter, 15 Karen Juul Thomsen, 16 Esther Juul Thomsen, 17 Clara Emilia Petersen, 18 Mikkeline Olesen, 19 Marie Abildgaard, 20 Stella Due


Hungary – Denmark – Gallery

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