SV Menden – 1. FC Köln 3:5 (0:3) (31st July 2019)

Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year! The traditional women soccer pre-season test match between my home town local district club SV Menden and the regional super-club 1. FC Köln (Cologne) has already been part of the 2018 coverage and, before that, part of my former reporting work. After the 2018 match has been a very close battle, Cologne traveled to Sankt Augustin as a freshly promoted FLYERALARM (1st) Bundesliga team. For the 2019/20 season, the top SV Menden women team was promoted as well and would play in the third highest division, the Regionalliga West. The 2019 match was held as part of Menden’s Sportwoche on 31st July 2019 in their Rhein-Sieg Arena.

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SV Menden vs. 1. FC Köln – 1st Half

The local fans might have been slightly disappointed seeing the Cologne lineup, which was in fact a mixture of the Bundesliga team and 2nd team players, who will compete with Menden in the same division in the 2019/20 season. There was likely also early sportive disappointment, when Josipa Bokanovic scored for the guests after some eight minutes. Menden had their chances in this early period of the match, but Cologne acted just too clever. Bokanovic increased the lead in the 16th minute from short distance. Both teams struggled a bit with their defense in these minutes, Jasmin Pietsch wrote the third Cologne score with a medium distance shot. Unlucky Kristin Koesel in the Menden goal touched the ball, but could not control it.

Better Match after three early goals

After these shockers, Menden played a significantly better match, controlled the defense better. Especially in the last minutes of the first half, they had good opportunities to score, but could not convert those. Cologne netminder Friederike Keppner did have to show some nice saves before the 0-3 halftime.


SV Menden vs. 1. FC Köln – 2nd Half

Menden did not do too bad – and they took the deserved score ealry in the second half: after some five minutes, Esther Eich did a nice shot from right outside the box. After some 63 minutes, a lovely far post shot even gave the hosts the close-up – they cheered for Frauke Roennecke, who perfectly aimed that one.

Menden in the Match – But Cologne found the right answer(s)

The “Effzeh” did not act nervous after these two goals, though. It took some time until they had a nice scoring opportunity. In the 72th minute, Sandra Schmitt raised the lead to two goals after Cologne played a nice quick attack. When Rebecca Knorr scored Cologne’s fifth goal heading after a corner kick, the match felt to be decided. But Menden showed great spirit. While they were a bit unlucky in a 79th minute situation, referee Karl-Heinz Fuss had to grant a penalty shot to the hosts after a clear foul in the box. The shot was converted very nicely by Ann-Kathrin Goltermann, so that the match ended 3-5.


SV Menden vs. 1. FC Köln – My View

Like the year before, Menden showed a brave match, even if you keep in mind that a majority of the guest players will rather play third Regionalliga division than Bundesliga. Cologne showed a massive start, but then took it a bit too easy. On the other hand, when Menden felt to have a chance to come back, they showed even after numerous second half substitutions that they are in control of the match. Again, this preseason was a nice opportunity in the FC Cologne preparation schedule.


SV Menden vs. 1. FC Köln – The Gallery

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SV Menden vs. 1. FC Köln – Lineups

SV Menden: 1 Kristin Kosel – Dilara Özlem Sucouglu, Ann-Kathrin Goltermann, Annkathrin Schmitz, Carolin Simon, Dorinda Natzel, Esther Eich, Frauke Roennecke, Isabelle Assenmacher, Isabelle Harlang, Lina Wipperfürth, Janina Scharnbacher, Johanna Horn, Viktoria Binot, Vicky Pieper, Valentina Finestra

1. FC Köln: 1 Friederike Keppner – 2 Antonia Langshausen, 3 Lina Vianden, 5 Hannah Scheffler, 6 Jasmin Steffens, 7 Jasmin Pietsch, 9 Daria Collas, 16 Sina Kummerow, 17 Josipa Bokanovic, 19 Pia Knobloch, 22 Lara Heß – 4 Nina Pelzer, 8 Alice Hüttebräucker, 10 Saskia Schreiner, 11 Sandra Schmitt, 12 Rebecca Knorr, 18 Esther Juretzka Sports Reports

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