German Athletics Nationals U18/U23 2024 – Day 3 Track Events (7th July 2024)

The fifth and last posting from Mönchengladbach features the Sunday track events of the German Under 18 / Under 23 Athletics Nationals. There were quite a lot of interesting competitions and stories around this final day – hope you enjoy my posting which is starting with two of the busiest workers during that weekend – the lovely volunteers and the cute bees on the lawn around the Grenzlandstadion on that 7th July 2024.

This posting comes with 572 major size pictures in a dedicated event section of the sports gallery.

German Athletics Nationals U18/U23 2024 – Day 3 Track Events

Especially in the morning hours on that Sunday, the two key disciplines were the 200m sprint and the hurdles sprints. Especially the ladies impressed with a large competition in the 100m hurdles race. There were 35 Under 18 athletes and 36 Under 23 ones, which in total exceeded the number of equivalent male athletes. Daryl Ndasi (LG Stadtwerke Munich, 13.33 sec) was finally the fastest runner in the younger age group, while U23 athlete Marlene Meier (TSV Bayer Leverkusen) won the competition with 13.10 sec in the final race. In the latter race, Helene Hoffmann (Dresdner SC) dramatically tripped on the final hurdle and had to undergo medical treatment. Her teammate Marc Leonard Hildebrand was the fastest 110m hurdles runner for the Under 18’s (13.84 sec). He was just barely slower than Gregory Minoue (TV Kalkum-Wittlaer), who won the Under 23 race (13.70 sec).

The other focus distance that day had been the 200m sprint. Jakob Kemminer (TSV Ochenbruck) was the fastest Under 18 boy (21.33 sec). In a fantastic Under 23 final, six of the eight runners improved their personal best. On the top of the results table, though, was Thorben Finke (SV Sigiltra Sögel), whose winner’s time was 20.79 sec. The first race apart from these distances were the 400m finals. The boys went first. Michal Fatyga (SC Neubrandenburg, 47.59 sec) was the fastest here, while Florian Kroll (LG Osnabrück) won the category of the elder young men with 46.75 sec. Both finally had quite a gap to the trailing athletes on the finish line. The final gap  behind Under 18 girls’ winner Ida Carlotta Schröder (Hamburger SV, 55.85) was almost a second.


Some Longer Races Towards the End

The day closed with some longer distance races. First, there were the Under 18 1500m races. Aik Straub (LG Olympia Dortmund) won a dramatic boys race with 4:08.41 minutes. The girls race saw a battle of Lera Miller (VfL Löningen) and Julia Ehrle (LG farbtex Nordschwarzwald. They had a close race with a significant gap between them and the peers until the last lap. In that, Miller beat Ehrle by more than six seconds (4:24.18 minutes)

The Mönchengladbach track races closed with the 800m races in all categories. Piet Hoyer (LG Offenburg, U18, 1:52.80 min) crossed the finish line first. in his race. Emil Meggle (LG Göttingen was the fastest Under 23 800m runner (1:48.96 min). In the same age category, Lucia Sturm (TSV Moselfeuer Lehmen) won the race with a time of 2:02.92 min. Before that race, Paula Terhorst had sealed the second victory for her VfL Lönningen, leading by almost three seconds (2:06.50 min).



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