WFC U19 Girls 2024: Germany – Singapore 9-1 (2-1, 5-0, 2-0)

By beating New Zealand and Australia, Singapore had already practically saved the spot as the best placed Asian / Oceanian team of the 2024 Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships. But could they do even better and advance to the Place 7 to 10 Play-Offs? In order to reach that goal, they had to beat Germany in the last match. However, The Floorball Deutschland sportive delegation was definitely the favorite in that Group C closing match on 10th May 2024.

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Germany – Singapore – Match Facts

Germany tool control of the match from the very beginning. The shots on goal were 9-3 in favor of the Kevin Buckermann team in the first period. This lead to a rather early 2-0 lead after eleven minutes, with scores by Linda Schanz and Lara Schubert. However, a Singapore hit-in from the offensive face-off spot gave Nur Yuanna S Ralli an easy short-distance shot position Nur Yuanna S Ralli. Germany’s goalie Freya von Wangenheim had no chance to block this one. The Asian team could not make use of that momentum, though. After that struggle, Germany did everything right in the second period. The favorite team had a streak of five goals in there. The most remarkable one was by Felina Weber, who turned over the ball by herself out of a box play and converted a fast break.

Singapore fought brave in the final twenty minutes, but there were only five shots on goal, as Germany kept controlling the match. In the last two minutes of play, Germany added to goals to seal a 9-1 victory. The play-off opponent Norway, who gave Finland a lot of trouble in their match, will definitely be a tougher challenge.

Germany – Singapore – Lineups

Germany: 59 Freya von Wangenheim, 55 Linnea Könnecke – 4 Maya Birnbaum, 5 Lara Schubert, 7 Emily Renz, 10 Nuria Soufia Guerbouj, 13 Pauline Konze, 18 Lilly Frances Tropschug, 19 Eileen Sophie Winter, 21 Janne Marie Lotz, 22 Svenja Klingner, 23 Anna Hofer, 25 Amelia Wagner, 34 Felina Weber, 42 Laura Niemack, 44 Lilly Fiedler, 50 Amelie Kiana Kurschner, 76 Charlotta Bayer, 77 Linda Schanz, 91 Michelle Siedenberg

Singapore: 29 Jia Wei Tee, 93 Nur Shadrina Sharil  – 4 Cheryl Rachmadi, 7 Ayunnie Fahmi, 8 Dinah Azmi, 9 Nur Yuanna S Ralli, 10 Insyira Putri Shaiful, 11 Nurdyana Aliah Bakhtiar, 12 Camilla Yeo, 13 Jazzy Tan, 15 Qislaila Zainul, 17 Safiyyah Salim, 18 Evelin Poh, 21 Danica Ong, 22 Kacey Chia, 26 Vanessa Yan, 27 Marsya Zaidi, 65 Tiara Dewi, 71 Jolyn Toh, 77 Charlotte Puah


Germany – Singapore – Gallery

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