WFC U19 Girls 2024: Finland – Norway 3-0 (2-0, 0-0, 1-0)

After Switzerland had a lot of trouble with Slovakia before, Finland was aware not too take their final group match too easy. The last match on the main court in Lahti gave them the match-up against the presumably weakest team of their Group B, Norway. You thus would not expect too much thrill in this match-up, but on that 10th May 2024, this rink at the Lahti Sports and Trade Fair Center already had some really interesting floorball matches before.

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Finland – Norway – Match Facts

Norway gave a great fight. They also had some nice attacks, but especially their defense worked great. Backup goalie Alvide Olsen came with a total of 19 saves, after she replaced Julie Dale Enberg at the beginning of the second period. At that point, the Finnish National Team was already 2-0 in the lead, due to goals by Elsa Holopainen (9th) and Tanja Parviainen (12th). However, this did not lead to the expected situation that Finland came into an offensive flow. Finally, the host team of the 2024 Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships just had one additional goal, again scored by Holopainen with some four minutes left in the game.


Finland – Norway – Lineups

Finland: 31 Sara Vantos, 71 Julia Saarinen  – 4 Pinja Suhonen, 5 Jenni Leppanen, 8 Saana Luostarinen,  10 Laura Ktajlisto, 12 Milla Granlund, 15 Miisa Turunen, 16 Veera Markala, 17 Nowa Vetelainen Lindgren, 21 Ella Virtanen, 22 Venla Nouslainen, 24 Bea Taipale^, 25 Ilda Sinkko, 27 Moona Poskiparta, 38 Sanni Kahla, 43 Tanja Parviainen, 56 Janina Rinne, 57 Ilna Ranne, 75 Elsa Holopainen

Norway: 35 Julie Dale Enberg, 1 Alvide Emberg – 2 Pho Rendalsvik, 3 Matilda Maude, 4 Selja Frogner Freng, 5 Eva Marlene Skalslien, 6 Sol Julia Johansen, 7 Josefine Bjercke, 10 Daniela Elfstrand, 11 Filippa Harnlund, 12 Hedda Pjaaka, 15 Marit Lunde Wormstrand, 16 Elge Hegge Olsen, 17 Siri Holter, 18 Trine Einberg, 19 Cornelia Gustafsson, 19 Marte Pedersen, 21 Mia Osterbro Nilsen, 22 Maja Valestrand Gudbrandsen, 25 Amalie Sogaard Tysland


Finland – Norway – Gallery

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